Steven Higgs

Add tiny Indian Creek Township in southwestern Monroe County to the list of elected government bodies opposed to Interstate 69.

On Aug. 23, the Township Board unanimously approved a special resolution to that effect. The resolution declared, in part:

  • The Indian Creek Township Board concludes that I-69 Toll Road is inconsistent with and conflicts with our community's vision and quality of life expectations and priorities of our citizens.
  • The Indian Creek Township Board concludes that I-69 Toll Road will have an overall harmful rather than a beneficial economic effect on Indian Creek Township, Monroe County.
  • The Indian Creek Township Board further concludes that I-69 Toll Road is not in the best interest of the citizens of the State of Indiana, and the Board urges the Governor and INDOT to focus our scarce transportation funds on appropriate improvements to existing roadways where there are demonstrated needs.

    The board is composed of Republicans Sandy Cooper and Michael Lewis and Democrat Cheryl Munson.

    Board members instructed Township Trustee Linda Hollingsworth to send the resolution to Gov. Mitch Daniels, who has said the proposed I-69 extension from Evansville to Indianapolis is "a toll road or no road."

    Daniels officially proposed the highway as a toll road during the 2006 Legislature. His Major Moves highway legislation earmarks part of the proceeds from the sale of the Indiana Toll Road to start work on I-69.

    The toll road would pass through Indian Creek.

    The township board's vote followed a July 18 Indian Creek Community Association meeting where citizens voted 119 to 1 in opposition to the I-69 Toll Road.

    At least seven bodies of elected officials along the route -- from Greene County Commissioners to the Bloomington City Council to the City-County Council in Indianapolis -- have officially opposed all or part of the proposed route.

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