On Aug. 23, The Bloomington Alternative submitted the following Public Records Request to Monroe County Public Library Board of Trustees Stephen Moberly. What follows is the request and Mr. Moberly's response.

From: Steven Higgs [mailto:bloomingtonalternative@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 12:29 PM

Mr. Moberly:

The Bloomington Alternative requests that the MCPL Board Trustees provide the newspaper with copies of all library policies regarding firearms in the library and any documentation or records the library keeps about firearm incidents.

Your prompt consideration of this request would be appreciated.

Steven Higgs


Date: August 23, 2007 9:22:00 PM EDT (CA)

Mr. Higgs:

I have forwarded your request of today onto our attorneys, Bunger & Robertson, for advice and counsel. As soon as they have advised me r egarding a response, I will be back in touch with you.

Steve Moberly