Monroe County Public Library (MCPL) policy clearly forbids patrons from bringing firearms into the library but does allow employees to unless they are intent on doing harm, according to documents provided to The Bloomington Alternative by the library’s Board of Trustees.

The MCPL’s “Behavioral Rules” for patrons defines “possession of alcohol, illegal substances, or a weapon anywhere on library property” as “disruptive behavior” and grounds for “loss of library privileges, up to and including removal from the building and contacting police.”

The MCPL “Personnel Manual’s” section on “Employment Termination” includes “possessing firearms or other tools believed to be intended for use in an act of violence” in a list of infractions "serious enough for immediate termination of employment.”

In an e-mail, Trustees’ President Stephen Moberly said staff could only find one reported firearms incident in library records.

In a Nov. 3, 2006, e-mail, MCPL Director Cindy Gray wrote that a teen-aged girl said she had been assaulted on the sidewalk in front of the building and that her mother, who had been present, said “the teens who had assaulted her had pulled guns.”

None of the other kids at the scene reported any firearms, the e-mail said. Bloomington police were called, made a report and cleared the area.