Amy Gerstman

Amy Gerstman, former deputy auditor and longtime resident of Monroe County, announced her candidacy today for Monroe County Auditor.

Gerstman feels effective leadership will substantially improve the performance of the Monroe County Auditor's office, and she has concerns about the current administration.

"There needs to be a change," she said, "restoring public confidence is essential." Gerstman cites issues with county payroll, failure to publish financial information in a timely manner as dictated by Indiana statute, incorrect and inefficient transfers of property and spending that was not approved by the County Council.

Gerstman believes her experience with Monroe County Government qualifies her for this position, specifically her knowledge of the county budget, property transfers and historical document research.

If elected, her focus will be:

* Establishing better communication with the many county offices that rely and depend upon the Auditor for information and services, including payroll;
* Ensuring public budget and appropriation requests are advertised punctually and accurately;
* Ensuring property transfers are completed properly and promptly; and
* Adhering to all state statutes in a timely and legal manner.

Gerstman is a 37-year-old single mother of two, a Democrat and a graduate of Indiana University.

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