Monroe County Councilwoman Sophia Travis today announced that she is seeking election to the Monroe County Board of Commissioners. "Nearly four years ago, the newspaper called me an 'idealist'," she said, "and I am proud of that. Now they can add another adjective: accomplished. I want to bring my experience now to the county's other governing body, the Commissioners."

Travis pointed to accomplishments during her first term, particularly in the area of social services. "When I first ran I said that, if elected, my priorities would be social services, fairness through diversity, and economic opportunity for all."

"I'm proud that, on the Council, we were able to help fund Options for Better Living. I'm proud to have had a direct role in County Government establishing the Futures Family Planning Clinic with Title X grant funding --- and honored to have had the opportunity to facilitate the award of a $411,000 Kellogg grant for a disabilities friendly 'playscape' situated at Monroe County Karst Farm Park."

Travis stressed that, if elected, her community-centered priorities would remain. She concluded: "My Council colleagues elected me to leadership positions twice, and appointed me to Monroe County Plan Commission three times, in my first term. I am both grateful and humbled by that. I look forward to helping local government do what it should do best: serving every citizen of Monroe County with fairness, efficiency, and compassion."

Sophia Travis is a musician who lives on a small farm in the historic Ketcham house with her husband, Gregory. They are expecting their first child this Summer.


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