George W. Bush could be the world champion Limbo dancer.

Just when you think that even a snake couldn’t squeeze under such a low bar of expectations, Dubya prances under effortlessly, with plenty of headroom to spare.

Okay, what’s his latest? What could be lower than all that’s gone before -- election-stealing, war crimes, spying on American citizens, advocating torture, etc.?

Well, it was when he clamored for another $180 billion to continue his war on Iraq until he leaves office. Congress, too spineless to cut off funds and end the war, instead tried to authorize $50 billion to fund higher education for Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans -- a sort of G.I. Bill update.

Bush snarled that he’d veto that.


Because, he said, if you offer them an education, they might choose to go for it, instead of re-enlisting for more killing and dying over there in his war. (Not to sound sarcastic, but Didn’t a great number of those soldiers enlist because they were promised educational aid?)

Here’s why this is certainly the lowest extreme low bar of the Bush Limbo dance; it shows his true values: It’s more important to teach America’s youth how to kill than how to live.

This is a very brief commentary; every time Bush goes lower, it’s harder to find words to express the dismay.

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