Editor's note: The following e-mail is from an LCW member. A meeting to discuss this resolution will be held July 10 at 4 p.m. at First American Trust, State Road 37 and Vernal Pike.


Special Meeting of Local Council of Women board to consider sanctioning LCW board member Chris Holly for bringing to member and public attention circumstances surrounding the June 16 special membership meeting and vote. Chris is a law student who is to take the bar exam this summer. LCW President Susan Weir's resolution below seems to suggest the possibility that the board might apply sanctions aimed at preventing his admission to the Indiana bar.

Resolution: "To review board member's, Mr. Chris Holly, recent actions before, at, and after the June 16, 2008 membership meeting to determine if such actions constitute grounds for a vote of "no confidence," written LCW board reprimand, immediate removal as a LCW board member, or "for cause" pursuant to LCW bylaws and specifically Section 5.9 of the LCW bylaws, or other legal grounds, and if Mr. Holly should be immediately be removed from the LCW Board, sanctioned pursuant to LCW Bylaws, or if further sanction should be sought legally or professionally."

(Because LCW board meetings fell last semester on a day and at a time when he had a required law class, he has missed 3 meetings. This may be used as grounds to remove him from the board.)

According to LCW bylaws, members "may attend all meetings of the Corporation, pose questions, join inall discussions and vote". If you can attend, please call or email LCW President Susan Weir to tell her you are coming so that there will be adequate space. If you can't come but would like to express your opinion about this, here are the names and contact information for LCW board members:

Susan Wier, President, , 824.7760
Ellie Rogers, Vice President , 339.7741
Sandy Britton, Treasurer, , (work) 855.7133
Debbie Hrisomalos, Secretary, , 339.3826
Caroline Clay, , 339.9664
Flo Davis Davis, , 332.8788
Chris Holly,
Lance D Like, , 323.8300
Nancy Lumbley, , 339.6467
Sue Wheeler,