We mustn't forget George Orwell, not at a time like this. He wrote the phrase "Big Brother is watching you," pertaining to the government spying on its people; the statement that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others;" and the memorable essay, "Shooting an Elephant."

Orwell was a terribly truthful writer, especially when writing about the power of the English language to obvert and obscure the truth for political purposes. In his novel 1984, the state controlled its citizens minds by fear, and by erasing and revising history. In Animal Farm, the animals who made themselves more equal than others were, of course, the pigs, who, as in government, came out dominant.

He was born Eric Blair: George Orwell was his nom de plume.

Now let us consider George Ohwell, whose real name is Bush. It is he who has so recklessly abused the English language to control the citizens, invoke fear and put the pigs in power, with utter disregard for truth or reality:

"As for the pigs (war profiteers, corporate buccaneers, privatized armies and Big Oil), he gave them full sway."

"I'm a uniter, not a divider." (Oh, well.)

"I'll smoke Osama bin Laden out and get him dead or alive." (Oh, well.)

"I looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes, and I saw his soul." (Oh, well.)

"Saddam supports Al Qaeda." (Oh, well.)

"Saddam has weapons of mass destruction." (Oh, well.)

"Iraq has tried to purchase uranium from Niger?" (Oh, well.)

"Mission accomplished." (Oh, well.)

"If anyone in my staff was involved in that (Plame case), they'll be fired!" (Oh, well.)

"This war is not for oil." (Oh, well.)

"The economy is robust." (Oh, well.)

"We do not torture." (Oh, well.)

"You're doing a great job, Brownie." (Oh, well.)

"Our government has not done warrantless wiretapping." (Oh, well.)

"Our reason for going into Iraq was to give the Iraqis freedom and democracy." (Oh, well.)

"Etc., etc., ad nauseum."

That's how he made his name. And as for the pigs (war profiteers, corporate buccaneers, privatized armies and Big Oil), he gave them full sway. Another apt pen name would have been George Oilwell.

George Ohwell will soon (but not soon enough) return to his horseless, cattleless "ranch" in Texas or perhaps spend long hours shredding documents in his presidential library, and, unless the World Court sees fit to indict him for war crimes, should have time to write, for the edification of his Republican Party, an essay titled, "Shooting an Elephant in the foot."

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