Dear Smiley-face Doll from Alaska, listen please:

You've accused Barack Obama of "pallin' around with terrorists." You were speaking of a professor named William Ayers, who got way too angry in his youth.

When Ayers was an alleged "terrorist" Obama was a 7-year-old boy who didn't know him. Ayers was violently opposed to the Vietnam War, as was a large proportion of the American public at the time. The Pentagon was a target because that's who was running that misbegotten war. Millions of Americans opposed that war because the United States was bombing and strafing Vietnamese cities and villages, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. Our bombings were terrorist acts on a huge scale.

The silver-haired old gent beside you now, the one who picked you to be his running mate in the presidential campaign, was one of those people who flew fighter-bomber planes over Vietnamese cities and killed innocent people in their own country. To them, such pilots were genuine terrorists.

"You have a pretty mouth, but some awfully ugly stuff comes out of it."

He had conscious thoughts about the murderous mayhem he was inflicting, but he kept doing it anyway.

The "terrorist" Ayers, whom Obama met long after he had stopped plotting bombings, never killed women and children. He hasn't advocated bombing of any kind for 40 years or so.

Your Sen. McCain, on the other hand, did kill women and children, and ever since 2003 has been a big, staunch advocate of bombing, invading and occupying Iraq.

If you don't think that the Iraq War is "terrorism," you need to listen to a few million people other than your hero McCain.

You have a pretty mouth, but some awfully ugly stuff comes out of it. Please, think before you say anything else. And take a hard look at that old warhead you're pallin' around with, okay?

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