"Autism and the Indiana Environment" is a blog written by Bloomington Alternative editor Steven Higgs. It chronicles his journalistic exploration of the parallel rises of environmental pollution and autism in Indiana.

Higgs has been writing about Indiana's environment since he was a graduate student at the IU School of Journalism, where his 1985 final master's project was titled "Clearcutting the Hoosier National Forest: Professional Forestry or Panacea?" He covered environment and health as a staff writer at the Bloomington Herald-Times from 1985-1996.

The author of Eternal Vigilance: Nine Tales of Environmental Heroism in Indiana, IU Press, 1995, Higgs started specializing in children's environmental health while serving as a senior environmental writer at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management from 1996-2000.

He is an adjunct lecturer at the IU School of Journalism and has been editor and publisher of The Bloomington Alternative since 2002.

November 21, 2009
IAN survey: Indiana medicates more for autism than nation
Indiana citizens with autism are five times more likely to be medicated than their counterparts are nationwide, according to an ongoing survey by the Interactive Autism Network (IAN). The disparities effectively hold across the three main diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs):

November 15, 2009
Introduction: 'Autism and the Indiana Environment' blog
It's been a year since John McCain piqued my reporter's curiosity about the parallel epidemics of autism and environmental pollution that have swept our nation the past couple decades, a journalistically productive and, sadly, intellectually reaffirming 12-month period, to be sure. Since the Arizona senator announced on the campaign trail last year that he would find the cause of autism if elected, I have pursued the question through interviews with parents, clinicians, advocates, physicians and researchers; stories, articles and books; and more than a few studies and videos.

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