The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District (District) is expanding its plastic collection to collect plastics Nos. 1 through 7. Through a new contract with Hoosier Disposal & Recycling, the District is now able to offer expanded plastic collection to the public. The old contract only allowed the District to collect plastic bottles Nos. 1 and 2. Expanded collection at the District’s Central Recycling & Reuse and the four rural sites will begin Nov. 14.

Plastics that can be recycled in Monroe County can be identified by looking at the bottom of the container. In most cases, the bottom will have the recycling symbol with the three arrows and inside the symbol is the number. The District reminds the public that all plastic containers must be cleaned in order to avoid contaminating the recyclable material. Caps or lids need to be rinsed and thrown in the District plastic collection bin separately. The District does NOT accept contaminated plastic like motor oil or antifreeze containers (even if marked #1 or #2).

Central Recycling & Reuse is located at 3400 S. Walnut St. The four rural sites are: New Unionville, Ellettsville, Dillman Road and Oard Road. All sites have detailed brochures on what can be recycled as well as other earth care information. Residents may also access the District Web site for information on what can be recycled or call 349-2020. The District reminds the public that glass bottles must be sorted at Central Recycling & Reuse and at all four rural sites by color: brown, green and blue in one bin and clear glass bottles in the other.

The efforts of people across the United States and abroad keep the world, a healthy, clean, and safe place to live, and now you can add Plastics 1-7 to your recycling list. Bring those plastics in along with your other recycling! Expanded collection at all District sites begins Saturday Nov. 14. We look forward to seeing you with your plastic!

Elisa K. Pokral is the Media & Education Director at the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District. She can be reached at .