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Monroe County Recorder Sam Allison is seeking the District 4 seat on the Monroe County Council.

News Release
Allison for County Council

County Recorder Sam Allison has filed to run for Monroe County Council, Seat 4.

"I have had a great term as County Recorder, and I am so grateful to so many people for that," said Allison. "Now it is time for another challenge, the challenge of overseeing the finances of a County that has been adding nearly 1,500 new residents per year to its population. And we sure do have a lot of challenges, due to the bad decisions coming out of Indianapolis."

Decisions, Allison said, that threaten Monroe County's quality of life.

"We have a state government that is intent on slashing funds for our core public services. Education, parks, public safety, libraries -- these things have made Bloomington great. Now they are all on the chopping block. But even though teachers will get fired under the State's current proposal, it also appears that there are billions of dollars available for an I-69 that we absolutely do not need and an FSSA system that has absolutely failed. This is absurd. Downright absurd."

"We have a state government that is intent on slashing funds for our core public services. Education, parks, public safety, libraries -- these things have made Bloomington great."
Allison then referenced Jill Lesh, the current holder of County Council Seat 4.

"When my friend Jill Lesh ran successfully for this seat four years ago," Allison said, "her campaign motto was 'collaboration for a stronger community.' I could not agree more. In fact, I think that collaboration is even more vital today than it was back then. And I promise to work across all governmental lines with all the other leaders in this community so that we can protect what has made us great."

Allison cited his track record of that type of collaboration during his tenure as County Recorder.

"I worked with the City of Bloomington, the Sheriff's Office and President Obama's Organizing for America to address issues related with mortgage foreclosures, specifically the disgusting scam tactics being used against homeowners, and the disgusting, and now illegal, tactics that had been used against renters of foreclosed properties."

Allison also cited his participation on County Prosecutor Chris Gaal's Elder Crimes Task Force, which came about after the two joined the State Attorney General to highlight the practices of an Illinois company that was reselling property deeds for a 1,000 percent markup over the cost of receiving them at the Recorder's Office.

"I'm experienced in county government, but I'm really experienced in being a team player," Allison added.

"Here we have Monroe County, which saw an increase in homes sales of nearly 3 percent in 2009. Indiana overall saw a drop of nearly 7 percent. The nation overall saw a drop. We have the State's second lowest unemployment rate, out of 92 counties. Our schools consistently rank well above the state average.

"Bloomington consistently receives top-10 rankings as a place to live or do business. So you would think that the State government would want to learn from us about what we have been doing right. Instead, they want to drag us down with them. Once again, it's absurd. And I cannot wait to start meeting with other local officials to discuss our counterattack."

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Education and Career Information:

  • B.A. in Economics and Spanish from Penn State University, 1992
  • Masters in Public Affairs from IU's School of Public and Environmental Affairs, 1997
  • Monroe County Recorder, 2006 to present
  • Southwest District Vice-President, Indiana Recorders' Association, 2008 to present