Dear Senator Lugar and Governor Daniels:

It would be nice to see some of my taxpayer money going to Hoosiers to create real jobs, rather than the Economic and Alternative Energy stimulus money going primarily to corporate communists who develop new technology and modern jobs offshore with the only local "paying jobs" being the menial, one-time construction or installer jobs that pay less than a "living wage."

The Abatement money the state gave Navistar was given at the same time Navistar had a $1 billion per year Federal Military Contract profit flow; they didn't really need more of my money. Worse than that, they bailed on the deal, pocketed the abatement benefits, shuttered the Navistar plant in Indy, eliminated all the local jobs they were paid to “stimulate” and moved the plant equipment and technology to India.
"Giving money to most-favored-corporations under the guise of 'creating jobs' and 'stimulating the economy' is completely contrary to free market economics and the commandment about telling the truth."
Did ya'll get a good reward in your campaign coffers for that, too? Indiana did not retrieve the full value of the abatement handouts -- no wonder my taxes keep going up as Republicans keep incentivizing multinational corporate pals.

How can you continue to sleep at night while you pretend to "serve" Indiana by supporting "economic development" legislative and gubernatorial orders that are written by corporations for corporations and for corporate campaign recipients under the auspices of "creating jobs" for Hoosiers or other Americans?

This is not conservative politics! Giving money to most-favored-corporations under the guise of "creating jobs" and "stimulating the economy" is completely contrary to free market economics and the commandment about telling the truth. Actions of the past eight to 16 years have created the most unlevel playing field since the era of the great monopolies that Teddy Roosevelt busted up the century before last.

Why can't you support real entrepreneurs like the clean-power engineer The Indianapolis Star reported about on April 4?

Why must 95 percent of Senate Republican initiatives, including the massive Freedom to Farm Welfare to the Rich program, go directly to wealthy folks for a system that is really created to support multinational corporate profits?

A little ole organic farmer or honey bee keeper or a farmers market vegetable program or local NON-corporate Food for School Lunches gets a token mention, but no real support -- plus the gargantuan handouts to the mega CAFO/grain/ethanol complex destroys what the sustainable local farmers attempt to rectify: the chemical pollution of our soil and meat, the destruction of our air and water by genetically modified seeds and required chemical sprays, corporate antibiotic hog feed, corporate chemical fertilizers and weed/bug sprays and corporate-manufactured, 5,000-gallon liquid hog sewage spraying machines and the Russian-style mega tractors made in China that are required to pull the machines that dump the pathogens into our wells.

If you are going to continue to call yourselves conservatives, please read the true definition and change course immediately.

And please stop with the thumping of your chests in bravado for all the incentives you have provided to create jobs "Right here in America" due to your economic development abatements and Jobs for America Initiatives. Our unemployment rate is not improving, and those who do get food stamps are still going hungry at night and losing their homes to foreclosures.


Ann Miller
Osgood, Ind.

Ann Miller can be reached at .