The final blow to the I-69 opposition was almost too poetic to be believed. Mark Kruzan standing over the victim, hiding one hand behind his back while imploring the community to believe he didn't do it, that he really meant all those things he said the past two decades. The next day, according to the Indiana Daily Student, the Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC) gave him an award for his "courageous stand on I-69."
"Enjoy your Interstate Bloomington."
That juxtaposition of events says it all, so this is the last time I will write Interstate 69 on these pages. But for the record, the opposition asked many times, and both I and former HEC director Jeff Stant told and showed them what they had to do to have any chance whatsoever to stop the I-69 boondoggle.

Enjoy your Interstate Bloomington. I suggest you call it the "Mark Kruzan Memorial Highway," in memory of the beautiful community his failed leadership left behind. (Actually, it should be broken up in three segments, with the other two dedicated to John Fernandez and Vi Simpson, who are equally culpable for this community disaster.)

It's been an epic 20-year journey. The Bloomington Alternative has now signed off on I-69.

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