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INDIANAPOLIS - Planned Parenthood of Indiana (PPIN) and its network of supporters are outraged the Indiana State Senate has voted to put the health care of 22,000 Hoosiers at risk and vowed to immediately file for injunctive relief if HB 1210 becomes law, which could be costly for the State of Indiana.

The bill’s intent is to immediately shut off nearly $3 million in federal family planning and Medicaid funding that passes through the state to Planned Parenthood of Indiana. The funding pays for preventive health care for low-income Hoosiers – Pap tests, birth control, breast exams and STD testing and treatment. “It’s unconstitutional, on its face,” said PPIN President and CEO Betty Cockrum.

"It makes absolutely no sense to reduce access to birth control when the objective is to reduce the incidence of abortion." - Betty Cockrum, PPIN president and CEO
The legislation, if it were to become law, would specifically impact federal grant funds that support the entire patient population (12,500) of eight of PPIN’s health centers in northwest and rural southern Indiana. These centers are located in Gary, East Chicago, Michigan City, Elkhart, Bedford, Seymour, Scottsburg and New Albany. The proposed legislation would also eliminate Medicaid reimbursements for patient services at all of PPIN’s family planning health centers around the state, leaving approximately 9,300 patients without a health care provider. Federal law already prohibits any of the funding from being used for abortion. All of the funds support preventive health care. Planned Parenthood of Indiana operates a total of 28 health centers around the state.

“State Senators say there are other providers out there that offer the vast array of services we do,” said Cockrum. “They seem to be missing the fact that the funds don’t even come close to covering the operations of our eight centers that receive federal funding. We put $90,000 in privately-raised funds into those centers to keep them open. Good luck finding a provider who has the fundraising network we do to cover such a loss. Providers aren’t exactly going to be lining up to take on a losing venture. That’s been proven time and time again in the past. It makes absolutely no sense to reduce access to birth control when the objective is to reduce the incidence of abortion.

“The real losers if this measure becomes law are the patients. There are 22,000 Hoosiers who rely on those eight funded PPN health centers or who use Medicaid at any of our family planning health centers around the state who will have to find a new medical home,” continued Cockrum. “They will likely have to travel longer distances and wait for appointments. This is not about PPIN. It’s about thousands of Hoosiers who will have reduced access to preventive, reproductive health care. We will continue to fight to protect our patients.”

The Senate approved the measure today despite the wishes of Hoosiers. Since Monday night, supporters have written and made more than 60,000 letters and phone calls to Indiana Senators urging them to vote against the bill. PPIN supporters also showed up at the Statehouse this afternoon in their trademark pink shirts to show support for the organization.

The measure now returns to the House where lawmakers must decide whether to accept Senate changes to the bill.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s (PPIN’s) mission is to provide comprehensive reproductive health care - confidentially, compassionately, affordably; to protect through prevention - educating honestly and accurately; to support those who need us most - without bias or judgment, without fear, without fail. PPIN offers a full range of affordable reproductive health services through its 28 health centers around the state with a focus on prevention.

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