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As President Michael McRobbie gives his annual State of the University address, it is time once again to consider the plight of support staff on the IUB and IUN campuses. Things have not improved over the last year few years, and there is little sign of improvement in the near future.

1) Staff levels continue to drop in all but a few areas, as student enrollment continues to climb.

2) Job losses continue as more services are privatized or consolidated, and another planned benchmarking study is bound to be used to justify more job losses.

"All of these facts paint a bleak picture for the future of staff at IU, and there is plenty of blame to go around."The results? Staff continues to be overworked and stretched to the maximum. Morale remains low and more and more staff look to flee the university. Services to students will suffer as we are all asked to keep doing more for less.

One would hope, in such a climate, IU would have found a way to reward its staff for its hard work, dedication and perseverance through these tough times. Unfortunately, that is not the reality.

1) In July of 2011, support staff at IUB and IUN received raises of 1.5 percent, continuing a trend from the last ten years of not properly compensating staff with a cost of living increase.

2) President McRobbie received, for the fiscal year 2010-2011, a raise of 12 percent. Many other administrators also received double digit increases.

3) Health care, parking and other costs continued to increase and overwhelm raises, and the Trustees have made it clear that more costs will be passed on to staff in the coming months.

4) IU continues to show no interest in finding cost savings by addressing the well documented problem of ‘administrative bloat’ and reducing the number of (highly paid) administrators on campus.

All of these facts paint a bleak picture for the future of staff at IU, and there is plenty of blame to go around. The Trustees are responsible for McRobbie’s raise, but much of what is harming IU staff is caused by the Indiana Legislature.

1) The legislature this year cut IU’s budget by 5.5 percent, continuing a downward trend in funding and gave no money for much needed repair and maintenance.

2) The legislature continues to try to micromanage Indiana University while underfunding it and force themselves and their agenda into areas about which they are mostly unqualified to speak.

The picture is clear. Indiana University places its staff at the bottom of the priority ladder. It clearly does not understand the dire straits its employees find themselves in. For staff the State of the University is poor.

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