News Release
Millworkers Local 8093

OOLITIC - Millworkers’ Local Union 8093, which is currently on strike at Indiana Limestone Company, will be holding a community protest/rally this Saturday at the Lawrence County Courthouse. The protests purpose is to call upon County Prosecutor Michelle Woodward to do her job and investigate the violent “Assault with a Motor Vehicle” on Union members who were peacefully protesting at the Indiana Limestone Company.

The protest is being organized by Local 8093 along with various labor organizations in central and southern Indiana, to bring attention to the violence directed at these strikers and the ongoing struggles these working families are facing at the hands of a company that is unwilling to sit down and negotiate.

Assault with a Motor Vehicle

On Friday morning, December 2nd, Union members of Millworkers Local Union 8093 were peacefully picketing in front of the main plant gate of Indiana Limestone Company in Oolitic, when company thugs savagely attacked them, swerving a truck into their picket lines at a high rate of speed, hitting several of the strikers and sending one, Danny Stephens of Bloomington, to the hospital in an ambulance.

The Local Union 8093 is demanding a swift investigation and full prosecution by Lawrence County Prosecutor Michelle Woodward. Stephens is still undergoing medical treatment and it is not yet known if he will fully recover from the injuries he sustained in the attack.

Strike History

Indiana Limestone Company was bought in November of 2010 by private equity firm Resilience Capital Partners. The Union contract expired Oct. 31, 2011, and workers have been on strike since Nov. 16, 2011, when the company refused to bargain and threatened to implement its “last, best, and final” proposal which attacked seniority rights, progressive discipline, and would have forced 100 percent of any unfunded pension liabilities onto employees. Members of Millworkers 8093 have been joined by members of the Journeyman Stonecutters Association of Indiana and members of the International Associations of Machinists in their strike against Indiana Limestone Company.

For more information

Dan O’Donnell, Membership Mobilization Director, Carpenters Industrial Council, UBC

Ron Watson, Local 8093 Negotiating Committee, Millworkers’ Local Union # 8093

Tim Spreen, President, Millworkers’ Local Union # 8093