To the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain," from the Wizard of Oz


If you want some news that's phony, politicized baloney,
Fox News will lead the way.
They'll mislead and deceive you,
Be careful or they'll leave you
With only half a brain.

Glenn Beck is spewing nonsense,
Without any thought of cons'quence,
Bill O'Reilly's quite insane.
Newt Gingrich is a stinker,
Sean Hannitys a clinker,
If they only had a brain.

Oh I can't tell you why Fox News is so racist.
Sarah Palin uses words that don't exist,
Refudiate is quite a twist.

Denying global warming, it must be habit forming,
They do it every day.
Casting doubt on the science, they most surely have a bias,
Not to mention lack of brains.

Like any corporation, they don't care about the nation,
It's profit all the way.
Fox News will stop at nothin' just to sell an egg McMuffin,
They don't care about your brain.

Oh I could tell you why
Fox News is on the air,
Rupert Murdoch is a right-wing billionaire,
About the truth
He doesn't care.

Fox News can kiss our fannies 'cause we're the Raging Grannies,
We tell it like it is.
Turn off Fox and be wary,
For the truth is often scary.
But you've got to use your brain.