Andy Mahler

October 2, 2005

When Mitch Daniels was elected governor, he promised change. With the recent release of the IDNR, Division of Forestry Strategic Plan 2005-07, we are reminded that change is not always for the better.

While the most widely publicized change contained in the new plan is the proposal to dramatically increase logging in all state forest properties by as much as 500 percent, there are many other provisions that are cause for concern.

One of these is the proposal to log the forests that protect DNR reservoirs. Despite the fact that the plan acknowledges on page 2, when discussing the state's private forests, that "water is indisputably cleaner where forest cover protects watersheds ... there is no better protector of Indiana's watersheds," on page 4 we learn that changes in the management for DNR Reservoir Properties will now include "the commercial harvesting of timber."

January 5, 2003

There is so much information
waves and waves of bad

we already know
or at least feel
the death of the death culture
rattling the windows

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