Ann Miller

April 18, 2010

Dear Senator Lugar and Governor Daniels:

It would be nice to see some of my taxpayer money going to Hoosiers to create real jobs, rather than the Economic and Alternative Energy stimulus money going primarily to corporate communists who develop new technology and modern jobs offshore with the only local "paying jobs" being the menial, one-time construction or installer jobs that pay less than a "living wage."

The Abatement money the state gave Navistar was given at the same time Navistar had a $1 billion per year Federal Military Contract profit flow; they didn't really need more of my money. Worse than that, they bailed on the deal, pocketed the abatement benefits, shuttered the Navistar plant in Indy, eliminated all the local jobs they were paid to “stimulate” and moved the plant equipment and technology to India.

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