Clark Brittain

October 17, 2004

What do the following public figures have in common? William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, Joe Kernan, Mitch Daniels, Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh. Answer: They have all used illicit drugs or been addicted to licit drugs.

In a recent debate here in Indiana, Governor Kernan mentioned his youthful use. Mitch Daniels has been dodging issues related to a drug law arrest many years ago. The only other candidate for governor in Indiana, Kenn Gividen, has never use alcohol or illicit drugs. Kernan and Daniels' use was passed off to youthful indiscretions, of no current importance.

However, that brushes aside a quite serious problem, not only here in Indiana, but the entire country, namely what really happens today to those arrested on drug law violations. Laws addressing drug law violations result in multiple punishments for even minor infractions.

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