Jeff Melton

February 22, 2004

Some left-leaning individuals are finding inspiration this winter in the Presidential campaign of Howard Dean, a man whose reputation is far more progressive than he is. Personally, I found the news indicated by the following headline to be far more inspiring: "Marriage Mania Grips San Francisco: Over 1,700 Gay Couples Tie The Knot."

March 23, 2003

Throughout the world, the Green Party has consistently and vocally opposed this war with Iraq. As principled proponents of nonviolence, we oppose war as a means of resolving international conflicts. Wars, even those that achieve some positive results such as World War II (which brought about the defeat of fascism in Germany, Italy, and Japan), create a psychological dynamic that results in the dehumanization of "the enemy" by all parties involved, resulting in turn in a vast amount of needless death and destruction. Over 100 million people died in wars and related events during the 20th century, the majority of them civilians.

February 23, 2003

from Jeff Melton

Dear Baron,

Thank you for visiting with us January 23. We look forward to more opportunities to publicly voice our concerns and views in future town hall meetings here in Bloomington. FYI, this is an open letter that I am submitting to several media outlets and e-mail lists in addition to sending to you.

It is by now abundantly clear that opposition to the looming war against Iraq is more widespread than to any U.S. military action since the Vietnam War (and, unlike in the case of Vietnam, has arisen before it has even begun). There is no better indication of the breadth of this opposition than the recent admission by New York Times columnist and ardent hawk Thomas Friedman that in his frequent travels around the country he has yet to speak to an audience where a majority seemed to support war with Iraq.

November 24, 2002

Despite our genuine strategic differences, progressives of whatever stripe share many of the same goals -- a clean, safe environment, social justice, peace, and a more democratic society, among others. These goals are not served by simplistic scapegoating of the sort that has recently been engaged in by, among others, County Council candidate Bill Hayden and Herald-Times columnist Mike Leonard. What is called for is calm, sober analysis of the current political scene and a willingness to look in the mirror for answers and talk to each other calmly rather than pointing fingers.

October 27, 2002

Recently I came across a letter signed by liberal Democratic state representative Mark Kruzan supporting Democratic Congressman Baron Hill's re-election, on the grounds that "Baron Hill has consistently fought to protect our environment."

Excuse me, but is this the same Congressman Hill who voted, along with 101 of his fellow House Democrats, to send all of the nation's high-level nuclear waste to geologically volatile Yucca Mountain, Nevada, despite the opposition of the overwhelming majority of the state's residents and elected officials (so much for the 10th Amendment)?

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