Jessie Goldberg

January 25, 2009

Musgrave Orchard is more than a place with great apples for sale. It is a way of life for Amy and Andy Hamilton, who make sure it is more than just a down-to-earth grocery store. They have created a place where the community can eat, socialize, learn and take a second to breathe.

“November is the middle of the winter share craze,” says Amy, who has owned Musgrave with her husband Andy since 2002. The intensity lasts 10 weeks, starting in mid- October and ending shortly before Christmas, when the Hamiltons wrap up farming until March.

The couple spend many sleepless weeks with 15-hour work days. And each has had moments when the thought of picking up and moving their daughters Grace and Willa to Arizona sounded ideal. But they realized they wouldn’t live any other way.

“This isn’t just a winter orchard anymore, this is where people come to get their food,” Amy says. “It has been a taproot into the community for its localness. It’s turning into the old market where people come up here and get their beans.”

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