John Smith

March 28, 2007

Few remember that, as Mitch Daniels promoted his Major Moves public- private partnership tolling lease of the Indiana Toll Road last year, the bill that passed in the Indiana House along party lines would have given the governor the right to privatize and toll any road, bridge, airport or port for up to 100 years with single, upfront payments.

State Sen. Vi Simpson, D-Ellettsville, found agreement with majority Republicans when she said, “I would not give Joe Kernan this authority.”

The Legislature limited Major Moves to the sale of the Indiana Toll Road for 75 years and the privatization of I-69 as an internationally leased and tradable property for up to 100 years, except for a section between Martinsville and Indianapolis.

Only residents of Monroe County are likely aware that Daniels told the Herald-Times editorial staff that I-69 would be a “toll road or no road.”

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