Mohammed A. Salih

May 3, 2008

Tobacco companies will have to manufacture "fire-safe" cigarettes for Indiana under a bill passed unanimously by the Legislature in March. The law, which was initially resisted by tobacco companies in other states, requires that cigarettes sold in the state be self-extinguishing.

Welcoming Indiana's legislation, Lorraine Carli, from the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes (CFSC), said such cigarettes should have been in the markets nationwide much earlier.

"Tobacco companies have had the ability to produce these types of cigarettes for a long time," she said. "They just have not done so without legislative requirement."

Carlie, who is the assistant vice president of communications in the CFSC, added that in the states were the legislation has been implemented, there has been neither a change in the habits of smokers nor a change in the price.

March 2, 2008

For Sgt. Gafken, a job was more than money. First, it had to be an escape from tedium. And one day, while browsing through a newspaper, a job advertisement caught her eyes a job as a jail guard.

Long tired of work at a local insurance company, Gafken, who declined to give her first name, applied for a guard vacancy in Monroe Country Jail in downtown Bloomington nine years ago.

"I told the jail commander I was bored," Gafken, a strong-looking blond woman, recalled, smiling. He replied, "I guarantee you are never gonna be bored here."

She took him at his word. There are always enough novel things happening in a jail that "you wouldn't have the ability to get bored," she said.

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