{EcoLink} June 2010 activism calendar & related notices

{EcoLink} June 2010 activism calendar & related notices

A service of the Eco Media Center of Monroe County (E~MC2) for the
Center for Sustainable Living (CSL), a 501(c)3 nonProfit organization.

Table of Contents:

>Special Notices -
>EcoReport on WFHB Community Radio ~ airing weekly
>VOTE for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard ~ Online contest/election
>OMgarten Urban Community Raingarden on the B-Line ~ Compost/Soil/Truck

MAY 31st/June 1st ~ Shalom Community Center moving / volunteer needs
6/1 ~ "Think Outside the Bomb" National Tour 2010 @ Boxcar Books

{EcoLink} late OCT/mid NOV 2009 activist calendar

{EcoLink} ~ end o' OCT/mid NOV '09 Activism Calendar...

GrassrootsAction GreenEvents Calendar & related notices
(a service of the Eco Media Center & the Center for Sustainable Living)

[OCT/NOV '09] events & beyond - Table of Contents:

*Special Notices -

*[Prksvol] - Options & events
*EcoReport radio news show
*CSL ArtsWeek Benefit: Trashion Refashion Show - Call for Entries
*HCHP - Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan
*Rooms for rent at 80-acre organic farm, in historic farmhouse
*[Bloomington Community Bike Project] - Call for volunteers

>OCT 2009<

Halfwits and Beyond

Of course all of us know halfwits. But if we seriously think about it, we all know quarter-wits, eighth-wits and sixteenth-wits as well—you know, those who look up to mere halfwits as role models!

I Was Transfixed by Bobby Jindal

Yes, truly transfixed as I watched Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal give the Republican response to President Obama’s Tuesday night speech of February 24, 2009—transfixed by one of the most god-awful spectacles in U.S. political history. Move over, Sarah Palin; in this still sexist society, move over for the male Sarah Palin. And a Sarah Palin of color too.

Baron Hill Votes to Give Israel Green Light to Continue Committing Atrocities in Gaza

Am I the only one frustrated with Baron Hill? When are we going to mount an effective progressive challenge to him? Of course, he wasn't out of line with the rest of Congress in his vote on the Gaza resolution. Only the progressive shining hope, Dennis Kucinich, and a few others (Maxine Waters, Ron Pau,...) voted against the one-sided resolution that virtually encouraged Israel to escalate, which it did the very next day (I call that blood on Congress' hands).

My Reminiscence of Bill Ayers

Barack Obama, as we know, has been directly accused of “palling around” with “domestic terrorist” Bill Ayers because his first political meeting was in the home of Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, another member of the Weather Underground of the late 1960s and 1970s, even though neither were present at that meeting, and for having a simply amicable yet businesslike relationship with Ayers because they were both on the same organizational board.


{EcoLink} OCT/NOVEMBER 2008 Activist Calendar

GrassrootsAction GreenEvents & related notices
(a service of the Eco Media Center of Monroe County & Center for Sustainable Living)
Submissions: Mylo Roze: , Subject Line: EcoLink, Ph: 335-2572

Table of Contents:

~ Special Notices -
>EcoReport radio show airing weekly
>Fairview Chimney Swift Action Alert - call for matching funds
>CARR, HEC begin I-69 ad campaign


McCain and the Bimbo, Part 2

Poor hapless John McCain! He thought he’s scored a coup when he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate, but his putative Veep has shown herself to be more a liability than an asset. Although she initially shored up McCain’s wavering support among the evangelical Christians and the hard-core Right, whenever she’s articulated her positions on issues all the way from global warming to foreign policy, Sarah Palin has shown herself to be an out-and-out bimbo, in that classic sense of the word—pretty, very pretty, but absolutely vapid.

Fall Bulky Item Drop-Off Days October 24th and October 25th

by Elisa Pokral

It’s fall and it’s time once again for Fall Bulky item drop-off days. The event will be held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds Friday October 24th and Saturday October 25th from 8:00 am. to 4:00 pm. Event sponsors are the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District (District), Hoosier Disposal & Recycling Services, the Monroe County Fair Board, and the Monroe County Highway Department. This event is designed for Monroe County residents to bring their unusable furniture, appliances, etc., to the Monroe County Fairgrounds, Gate #3 off Airport Road. There will be NO CHARGE for BULKY items.

India, Iran and Nonproliferation and The Sky is Falling

Democratic Hawk Rep. Berman gave two stunningly contradictory statements today, statements that I think it's not too much to call hypocritical. On one hand, he lauded the approval by the House of legislation supposedly aimed at bringing Iran's nuclear program to heel:

This legislation (H.R. 7112) attempts to further restrict US dealings with Iran, even if those dealings are through third countries.

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