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Sophia for Commissioner Update

I'm pleased to report that my campaign website is featuring plenty of information for people studying up on their local candidates: Sophia for Commissioner

When you visit the site you'll find a page expressing a "visual statement of values" and details about my progressive platform. You'll also see a listing of people I greatly admire who have done great work in our community as Progressive Democrats---people who care about peak oil, are unafraid to speak out against the new terrain route NAFTA I-69 highway, care about land use, local agriculture...and beyond. I'm honored to be able to say that the list includes my campaign chairperson City Councilman Andy Ruff----and even includes several of his colleagues, some great writers affiliated with Bloomington...and activists who continually amaze and move us by their tireless efforts.

Sophia Travis for Commissioner

Today you can find my Sophia for Commissioner press release detailing my filing to run in a contested Primary Election for a seat on the Board of Commissioners--- published here in the Bloomington Alternative!

Catch-up, Ketchup, or Catsup?

The author of Civitas and I have returned home from our 10-day train trip (celebrating our 10th Anniversary...) and I've had food + politics on my mind. Today's online publication of The Bloomington Alternative is right in keeping with many of the reasons for the thoughts pervasively nagging at me...peak oil, peak water, land use issues, etc...that last one there, land use, being what all issues, particularly political & policy related, boil down to.

"Time for a change..."

I've been hearing that a lot lately...Greg Travis touches on the hollowness of the expression in the Oct. 10 edition of The Bloomington Alternative's Civitas, "The city we leave behind..."

This current edition of The Bloomington Alternative also has a terrific article by Alison Hamm about the MOSAIC Diversity Film Festival at the MCPL on Oct. 27th...

The Hustle, the levy, American Pie

The past few weeks have been very busy for Monroe County Council. Pin-the-tail has several blog entries related to ramping up to the Annual Budget Session in August------sessions where Monroe County citizens' elected officeholders to the fiscal body of County Government, the County Council, set the budget for 2008. That county budget is set upon your tax dollars...

Keys & Purse Strings

Who holds these things? In Monroe County Government, the County Council holds the purse strings. It could be said that the County Auditor holds the keys. The County Commissioners pick out much of the stuff that's in the bag.

Through a system of checks and balances it should mostly work out that the Council isn't too much of a stingy tightwad OR a spendthrift. The Auditor ought to know which key to use to drive the car...and the County Commissioners should manage the sundries and toiletries in the bag.

Deconstructing Local Radio

Today's Pin-the-tail is about "Deconstructing Afternoon Edition," a popular call-in program on local AM1370. And my entry includes a couple of clicks leading to FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting and, for lighter fare---The Onion.

Pin-the-tail...Love Factory

Pin-the-tail was launched in late October '06 and the first entry on my blog is titled "Powdered Wigs, Afros, Death Row...Judges." The entry generated a lot of interest among my personal friends, many of them musicians, but since then it is apparently a "fetching" blog...reaching a lot of readers!

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