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A Mother's Grief

In an exclusive interview with murder victim Aaron Hall’s mother, the Bloomington Alternative reveals the inside story about Aaron’s disappearance, and the shocking events which led to the discovery of his body.

by Denise Travers

Medical Examiner's Report on Aaron Hall

Victim's body reveals important information about his life, death

by Denise Travers

On May 14, Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham, of the University of Louisville’s Division of Forensic Pathology and Clinical Forensic Medicine, filed a report of her April 23 postmortem examination of Aaron Hall. The report reveals valuable information about Aaron Hall, and the fatal beating he sustained at the hands of Coleman King and Garret Gray.

Hate Crime in Indiana?

New Bloomington Alternative series to explore Aaron Hall murder

by Denise Travers

NB: Read the original article in The Bloomington Alternative which ignited attention and controversy in the blogosphere around Aaron Hall's murder.

Aaron Hall was a petty criminal with a long arrest record. He was a meth user and an alcoholic. Over the course of his life, Aaron had spent nearly 10 years in prison or in jail, in stints from a few months to a few years.

But, like the fortunate among us, Aaron nevertheless had people who cared deeply about him. His mother, Martha. His brother, Tom. His daughter, Dae Z Mae. His friends. His former lovers. There are many who can share tales of Aaron's generosity and kindness. Aaron’s humble Uniontown gravesite is lovingly festooned with flowers, award ribbons, cards and a lone cigarette; the grave bears no stone yet, just a simple aluminum marker. Terrifying visions of Aaron Hall’s spilled blood will remain in the memory of many – those who witnessed his beatings first-hand, and those who are haunted by their own terrible imaginations.

Regardless of his criminal status, regardless of his seemingly dissolute life, regardless of whether his murder was a hate crime or not – Aaron Hall did not deserve to die the way he did.

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