Gretchen Clearwater

I was thrilled, on Thursday, to attend Gretchen Clearwater's announcement as a progressive candidate for Baron Hill's seat in Congress. If there is a single Blue Dog that it is essential to remove from Congress, I believe that Blue Dog is Baron Hill. I believe that Baron Hill has defined himself, over the past ten months, as a go-to guy for the GOP in the House, much like Lieberman and Feinstein in the Senate. Again and again, he either opposes progressive legislation, or helps subvert it by offering alternative legislation that vitiates the progressive policy thrust.

REBlog EverGreen Village: LEED by Example

Patrick Kitchens

EverGreen Village is a 12 unit subdivision nestled into the Rockport Hills neighborhood just off of Rockport Road on the south side of Bloomington. The project is being developed by the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department (HAND) as a green-built, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) pilot project. LEED is a branch off of the non-profit U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED green building rating system is “the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings”. The homes at EverGreen will be built using LEED standards and requirements to insure sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.

‘Anti-Woman Wacko’ pretty much sums it up

Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), got it right in her Oct. 30 column about the Bush administration’s latest choice to oversee federal family planning services when she said, “Honestly, where does the administration find these people? Maybe that's one downside of the Internet, Bush can just Google ‘anti-woman wacko’ and find his next appointment.”

10/21-11/31 {late OCT/NOV} GrassrootsAction GreenEvents Calendar & related notices

GrassrootsAction & GreenEvents Calendar & related notices

{OCTOBER/NOVEMBER} events - Table of Contents

*Special Notices - New Local Eco News outlets - Radio, Print & Net
*New Green Media Lab @ the Caldwell Eco Center - call for help
* Action Alert! - Stop a new move for Media Consolidation (FCC)
*USPIRG - Al Gore/IPCC, Nobel Peace Prize, Global Warming legislation/petition
*Action Alert! - Stand with Burma petition


10/21 ~BIONEERS Plenary speeches in Fine Arts Auditorium
10/21 ~BUSTAN, Green Building & Environmental Justice in Israel/Palestine

"Time for a change..."

I've been hearing that a lot lately...Greg Travis touches on the hollowness of the expression in the Oct. 10 edition of The Bloomington Alternative's Civitas, "The city we leave behind..."

This current edition of The Bloomington Alternative also has a terrific article by Alison Hamm about the MOSAIC Diversity Film Festival at the MCPL on Oct. 27th...

{OCT/NOV G.A.G.E. Calendar} GrassrootsAction & GreenEvents & related notices

GrassrootsAction & GreenEvents Calendar & related notices

{OCTOBER/NOVEMBER} events - Table of Contents

*Special Notices - New Local Eco News outlets - Radio, Print & Net


10/4 ~Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project @ Boxcar Books & Community Center
10/4 ~PFC Forum Series #1: Ali Abunimah on Peace & Justice in Palestine/Israel
10/4 & 10/5 ~'Burma in Crisis' & 'Burma Beautiful/Burma Brutal' (Indianapolis)
10/5 ~Steve Conard's Art Show during the Gallery Walk
10/5th thru 10/7th ~12th Annual Heartwood/Indiana Forest Alliance Reunion
10/6 & 10/7 ~State Green Party Congress in Terre Haute
10/6 ~Mother Hubbard's Cupboard Garden Work - Volunteer Opportunity
10/7 ~Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project @ Boxcar Books & Community Center
10/9 ~Sustainability Commission (BCOS) Monthly Meeting
10/9 ~'Discovering a Sense of Place' w/the Northwest Earth Institute
10/9 ~'A Conversation About Poverty' with Mayoral Candidates Kruzan & Sabbagh
10/11 ~NAMI Panel - 'Decriminalizing the Mentally Ill' @ the MCPL Auditorium
10/11 ~IDEM Enviro Ed & Health Workshops for Educators & Administrators
10/11 ~B-TOP (Bloominton Transportation Options for People) general meeting
10/12 ~Caldwell Eco Center general meeting
10/15 ~City of Bloomington Bike & Pedestrian Safety Commission meeting
10/15 ~'THE PARTNERSHIP WAY' - Book Discussion Session @ the Eco Center
10/16 ~Center for Sustainable Living Board Meeting
10/18 ~Mother Hubbard's Cupboard Seed Saving Class
10/19-10/21 ~BIONEERS simulcast & events @ Fine Arts on IU Campus
10/20 ~Parks & Rec - Putting the Willie-Steeter Community Gardens to bed
10/21 ~BUSTAN, Green Building & Environmental Justice in Israel/Palestine
10/22 ~Dom Nozzi, 'Road to Ruin' author (Livable Cities Speaker Series)
10/25 ~Indiana Forest Alliance Benefit
10/26 ~Caldwell Eco Center general meeting
10/27 ~Hoosier Hikers Council Trail Race/Walk

The War on Drugs and American Fascism

The War on Drugs poses itself as a moral crusade against crime and immorality, but actually it serves to create a general acceptance of huge jail populations, government intrusion into its citizens private lives, and a climate of fear; all prerequisites of fascism. Accompanying this police state mentality is a tidal wave of corruption on all levels of government but especially in law enforcement. Thus we are creating the fundamentals of fascism, which is hiding behind the façade of morality.

Nixon, Bush, and “Executive Privilege”

Not since the seamy scandal of “Watergate” and Nixon’s attempts to cover it up with falsehoods, obfuscation, and refusal to inform Congress has the ploy of “executive privilege” been so universally and frequently employed by George Bush. Why did Nixon claim its dubious legality so vociferously? Why? He had plenty to hide. Illegal plotting (conspiracy) to undermine the Constitution, hours of profanity and racist rants and more on his secret tape recordings, connections to the underworld of organized crime, and political malfeasance.

GrassrootsAction & GreenEvents Calendar {SEPT/OCT}

GrassrootsAction & GreenEvents Calendar & related notices

{SEPT/OCT/NOV events - Table of Contents}

What (Straight) Women Want

If you’ve looked at any news website this week, chances are, you’ve read the “breaking news.” Apparently, men tend to go after attractive women, whereas women care more about security (i.e. $$$) and commitment when choosing a partner.

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