Eternal Vigilance: Nine Tales of Environmental Heroism in Indiana, by Steven Higgs

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Eternal Vigilance: Nine Tales of Environmental Heroism in Indiana profiles 10 of Indiana's leading environmental activists and the historic victories they won in the last half of the 20th century. Written by Steven Higgs and published by Indiana University Press in 1995, Eternal Vigilance tells the tales of:

  • John Blair (striking blows for the Ohio Valley);
  • Andy Mahler (defending the forests);
  • The late Bob Klawitter (fending off a theme park);
  • Sue Lynch (resisting toxic waste);
  • The late Tom Dustin (preserving rivers);
  • Jeff Stant (organizing the state);
  • Terri Moore (confronting out-of-state waste);
  • The late John Foster (kiilling a PCB incinerator); and
  • Charlotte and Herb Read (creating and protecting parks).

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