{EcoLink} June 2010 activism calendar & related notices

{EcoLink} June 2010 activism calendar & related notices

A service of the Eco Media Center of Monroe County (E~MC2) for the
Center for Sustainable Living (CSL), a 501(c)3 nonProfit organization.

Table of Contents:

>Special Notices -
>EcoReport on WFHB Community Radio ~ airing weekly
>VOTE for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard ~ Online contest/election
>OMgarten Urban Community Raingarden on the B-Line ~ Compost/Soil/Truck

MAY 31st/June 1st ~ Shalom Community Center moving / volunteer needs
6/1 ~ "Think Outside the Bomb" National Tour 2010 @ Boxcar Books
6/1, 6/2 & 6/4 ~ MHC gardening dates & appeal to vote for $25,000 garden grant
6/5 ~ TransitionBloomington MC Micro Credit - Ecopreneurial Incubator Network meeting
6/5 & 6/20 ~ TC Steele State Historic Site/Steele Preserve Hike - National Trails Day
6/6 ~ Last day of Mathers exhibit - Peoples of the Coffee Highlands of Nicaragua
6/6 thru 6/20 ~ 8th Annual Permaculture Design Cour$e in Paoli, Indiana
6/8 ~ CSL board meeting 5:15 @ Monroe County Public Library, Indiana Room
6/8 ~ Hoosier Hills Food Bank Hunger Recognition Reception (RSVP by 6/4)
6/9 ~ Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan meeting @ MCPL Auditorium
6/21 ~ TransitionBloomington Core Group monthly meeting @ MCPL
6/26 ~ Center for Sustainable Living Annual Potluck Party & B-TOP screening
6/26 ~ Sustainable Living Fair in Indianapolis (Marion County Fairgrounds)
6/29 ~ TransitionBloomington Waste and Compost Working Group meeting

*Ongoing Opportunities ~
Mathers Museum of World Cultures - multiple events / link to calendar
>Special Notices -

>EcoReport on WFHB Community Radio
Half-hour Eco News program on WFHB
Airs: 11:00 AM Thursdays
91.3 FM, 98.1 FM

>VOTE for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard:

DON'T FORGET!!!---- Click on this link to place your vote: http://www.justmeans.com/contestidea?ideaid=NTc0
It just takes a couple minutes and by voting for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard TODAY our Garden Program could win $25,000 to help install a new garden THIS summer!

**FYI-- MHC will be closed Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day, and thus the Monday Banneker Hours are canceled.

>OMgarten Urban Community Raingarten on the B-Line ~

*OMgarten Urban Community Raingarten on the B-Line rail-to-trail STILL needs your involvement!

Needed: Someone w/a truck willing to help pick up soil ammendments & such. (only 5 blocks from garden site) & donations of SOIL! ALSO-sites for compost...

Phase III complete: ~Ground UnBreaking took place during the Week of Mothers' Day. Container garden, raised bed, Northern & Southern beds installed & planted.

Planted so far - Cilantro, dill, thyme, zucchini, cauliflour, broccoli, tomatoes, aloe, fern, lettuces, cabbage, kales, basils, mint, peppers, borage, columbine/flowers...

Many thanks to:

Jami Scholl of My Edible Eden for starts & installation/donation of Rain Barrel.

Marcia Pluta-Figueirdo for seeds/starts & Homefire for help sowing starts & giving plants.

Shodo Spring, Sanshinji Zen Temple & the Lasocki's for soil, bamboo & assorted gardening supplies.

Aaron Politt for hauling & setting slabs & boulders of lime- & sand- stone.

Bruce Bundy for help shuttling soil & tools/supplies.

Random, anonymous donors from the Market & users of the B-Line trail...

Now need someone w/a truck willing to help pick up soil ammendments & such. (only 5 blocks from garden site) & donations of SOIL!

Contact: (Email is best) mylo roze, (812) 332-8796,

Description of project:

OMgarten (Organic Meals garden projex) is a program of the Eco Media Center of Monroe County & Holistic Affordable Housing, both 501(c)3 nonprofit projects of the Center for Sustainable Living. Some produce will be sold to fund organizational activities & maintain the garden, but items will also go to local hunger relief/social service agencies like Mother Hubbard's Cupboard & the CSL Food Pantry.


Beneath the grafitti mural visible from Farmers' Market/City Hall prkng lot between West 6th & 7th Streets just off the BFoods West prkng lot (formerly Encore Cafe).

So far, we have:

Rainbarrel, regional limestone & sandstone, bat-house, bird-house, bird-bath, various veggie, herb & flower starts & seeds, a bit of moss, a couple aquariums, varied containers/pots & a window-box type planter, some soil & a few tools.

Still needed:

Help trucking & biking supplies to the site...

More rainbarrels, starts, seeds, soil, mulch, gravel & compost, containers/pots (particularly large/heavy ones) & burlap to cover large pickle buckets, worms/bins/castings, composter, lumber & bldg supplies, watering can/holey hose, cool/interesting/funky rocks/stumps/logs/meteors/geodes, cinder blocks, statuary, tomato cages/wire/fencing, stakes/bamboo, shelves/racks, benches/tables/spools.

Also could use recycling bins, a wheelbarrow/cart (bike trailer/hitch), volunteers to help build, maintain & trouble-shoot/consult & pick up/deliver recyclables & fund$ for as-needed developments/improvements (can be taken off taxes).


mylo roze, (812) 332-8796,

>Sites needed to deposit Soup kitchen compost:

~Free biomass/fertilizer for your Yarden - Opportunities to assist waste reclamation effort -

Any vermiCulturalists or Yarden-eers willing to take food prep waste from Community Kitchen & the Shalom Center? In a couple months, they will both be on the Southwest side of town.

I've now got one bike trailer to tackle the task with, but could use more drivers & riders to assist.

Also could use coffee grounds, sawdust, browns & greens to mix in/cover/elimnate odor.

Any ideas, info or assistance greatly appreciated..

mylo roze,
Eco Media Center of Monroe County
5/31, 6/1 & ongoing volunteer opportunities ~
Shalom Community Center volunteer needs
Local hunger & poverty relief agency moving

I want to thank everyone who has responded to our needs so far and
alas, more needs have come to light!

First and the most pressing need is a large truck to move furniture
from the day shelter in the First United Methodist Church to the new
facility on Monday, Memorial Day from 9am-1pm. We have a number of
pickup trucks which will be a help but one large truck would make it
much easier.


Two hospitality volunteers are needed at Trinity each morning from
8-11. They will greet guests and help guide them in the right
direction for needed services and to connect with staff. This will be
a new environment for our guests so they will have a lot of questions
as to where to go for different services we provide and simply may
also just need show them where the restrooms are in the building, etc.

Hospitality Volunteers at the Resource Center in the First Christian
Church this summer. We are going to be open in the afternoons until 4
beginning June 1 and I am lacking volunteers for the afternoon times
but there are holes in the schedule everywhere -- even in the

Hoosier Hills Food Bank Shopper on Tuesdays. During these transition
months we could use volunteers to shop at Hoosier Hills Food Bank for
some of the food staples used daily.

Supplies Runners are still needed to transport supplies and food from
the First United Methodist Church to the
Trinity Episcopal Church.
Volunteers meet Ron at FUMC at 7 am. We
need 2 people each on Mondays and Fridays and 1 person on Wednesday
and Thursday. We have Tuesday covered.

Large Storage Bins, with or without tops

In Monday’s email the request for Benefits Clinic Volunteers stated
the volunteers will be working on THURSDAYS FROM 11 AM - 2 PM WHICH IS

If you can help with any of the above needs please contact:

Pam Kinnaman, 334-5734 or
For more information about the group, contact Pam Kinnaman, or 812-334-5734

To find out more about the Shalom Community Center go to the website at www.shalomcommunitycenter.org
June 2010

6/1 ~ "Think Outside the Bomb" National Tour 2010 comes to Bloomington!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
7:00 p.m.

Boxcar Books
408 E 6th Street
Bloomington, Indiana

Donations Suggested
Sponsored by Boxcar Books and
Bloomington Peace Action Coalition

The June 1st event will include:

•Presentation on the "Think Outside the Bomb" Disarmament Summer Campaign
•Information on the nuclear weapons and energy industries, and the political climate surrounding nuclear issues
•Puppet Show
•Music Performance by Bad Heart Bull
•Discussion with local activists, “Mapping Resistance”

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116792281687826&ref=ts

Links to some photos from past Think Outside the Bomb events:

About the Think Outside the Bomb 2010 National Tour:
We seek to build community and working knowledge through our national tour, by offering critical information on the state of the US Nuclear Industrial Complex, as well as a critical look at how we engage in resistance. As we travel the country this summer, we will engage in dialogue with local activists and organizing groups. We will focus on the issue of nuclear abolition and stress its intersections with other global movements, including: movements for sustainable energy, indigenous sovereignty struggles, environmental movements, labor movements, and movements that oppose the state of global capitalism, among others. We will also speak of creating a positive and affirming culture of resistance.

For more information about the tour, visit http://totbtour.wordpress.com/

About Think Outside the Bomb:

Think Outside the Bomb is the largest youth-led network for nuclear abolition in the US. Since 2005, we have organized national and regional conferences, focusing on education, community organizing, and creative expression.

We see nuclear weapons as the crown jewel in the enforcement system—militarism—of U.S. imperialism and the unequal distribution of world resources. We also see nuclear weapons and power as one of the most extreme manifestations of the oppression of people and the environment, and a catastrophic global threat on par with climate change.

For more information about Think Outside the Bomb, visit http://www.thinkoutsidethebomb.org/

About Boxcar Books:
Boxcar Books and Community Center, Inc. is a volunteer powered, non-profit organization that exists to provide new and used books, zines, magazines, and comics on topics of social justice, independent media, and fiction for the community; send literature of all types free of charge to prisoners in the midwest; and to provide a meeting space for community and literary groups.

Fore more info, please visit http://www.boxcarbooks.org/
Boxcar Books and Community Center
The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project
408 East Sixth Street
Bloomington Indiana 47408

Fore more info, please visit http://www.boxcarbooks.org/

>6/1 thru 6/4 ~ MotherHubbard'sCupboard garden dates
Hi there folks,
The gardens are hopping, and we need your help!
Join us next week for some special garden work dates (see below...).

DON'T FORGET!!!---- Click on this link to place your vote: http://www.justmeans.com/contestidea?ideaid=NTc0
It just takes a couple minutes and by voting for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard TODAY our Garden Program could win $25,000 to help install a new garden THIS summer!

**FYI-- MHC will be closed Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day, and thus the Monday Banneker Hours are canceled.

Extra early June work dates--
1. Tuesday, June 1st Banneker Garden work date 10am-noon (Kayte, Steph and Aaron will be working with the city to install a rabbit proofing fence, and we need your help to harvest, mulch, and compost)

2. Wednesday, June 2nd Crestmont Produce Cart Harvest 2pm in the Crestmont Garden-- help harvest for the produce cart and stand (and maybe stay and help myke pass out veggies!)

3. Friday, June 4th 10am-noon the Bloomington Raspberry Project at the Crestmont Garden-- come help thin our raspberry patch-- TAKE HOME SOME RASPBERRY PLANTS!-- or help pot up raspberry plants for the food pantry

Let me know if you have any questions!
-- Stephanie Solomon
Garden and Nutrition Education Coordinator
Mother Hubbard's Cupboard
1010 S. Walnut Ste. G
Bloomington, IN 47401



>6/5 ~ Monroe County Micro Credit - Ecopreneurial Incubator Network - (follow up of Great Un!eash!ng)

First meeting / Call-out Transition group meeting

Saturday, June 5th -
From 6:30 - 8:00 PM @ the Caldwell Bloomington Eco Center, 323 S. Walnut Street
Just SouthEast of 3rd & Walnut in th Harmony Downtown plaza near Rhino's all-ages club

Cool conference room & cold refreshments available
Agenda - Establishent of Charter & Committee members

Prospective Website & Seed Fund to facilitate investment in local, small, green enterprises, projects, start-ups & programs with an emphasis on economic empowerment of the poorest people in the community.

Please RSVP or Email to be notified of other meetings & committee positions:

Monroe County Micro Credit ~ Ecopreneurial Incubator Network (MCMC~EIN)

MCMC-EIN is to be a fund for genuine, healthy growth & a website network which connects lenders & donors with organizations, entrepreneurs & projects that need capital investment.

~Functions included:

>Micro Loan program/website for small, local, green entrepreneurial enterprises.

>Micro Grant program/website for local non-profit, social service & permacultural projects.


Contact: Mylo Roze, 332-8796, (Email preferred)

>6/5 & 6/20 ~ TC Steele State Historic Site Hike
National Trails Day
Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Celebrate National Trails Day and the 20th anniversary of the Selma N. Steele State Nature Preserve. Trek along with TC Steele staff on a semi-rugged trail developed by the Steele's. Hikers will learn about the preserve's plant life and the Steele's appreciation of nature and preservation. A visit to a remote painting shack and a walk through the site's gardens will round out the hike.

Wear comfortable shoes, and meet in the upper parking lot at TC Steele State Historic Site for this Free activity. For more information email or call (812) 988-2785.

6/6 ~ Last day of Mathers exhibit - Peoples of the Coffee Highlands of Nicaragua & other events/notices

See the last entry/Ongoing Opportunities @ the end of this calendar...scroll down to the bottom please...

>6/6 thru 6/20 ~ 8th Annual Permaculture Design Cour$e
Lazy Black Bear Lodge in Paoli, IN June 6-20, 2010:

Two weeks of camping, course-work, and camaraderie, featuring great meals prepared on site using fresh, local and organic foods at the Lazy Black Bear in the heart of the Hoosier National Forest. Enrollment is limited to 25 IU students and 10 participants from the larger community.

IU Students must complete an application and be accepted to register for this course. All others apply directly to Shagbark (contact information below); an application form will be sent on request.

Participants will be camping or bunking in cabins for the 2 week course (camping equipment provided for IU students; contact Shagbark for additional lodging options). Composting toilets and solar showers are provided. The course fee covers instruction and course materials, all meals, and camping. An additional fee is charged for cabins.

Students who successfully complete the course will receive certification in Permaculture, which prepares them for an apprenticeship in the art and science of Permaculture design.

Additional course information for IU students is available by visiting http://www.indiana.edu/~llc/permaculture.shtml
For all others: Andy Mahler, Shagbark, 3875 S County Rd 50 W, Paoli, IN 47454 andy[at]lazyblackbear[dot]org, 812.723.2430

Fees for IU students:
Course fee information for IU students, is available by contacting Professor David Haberman, Department of Religious Studies, Sycamore Hall 215 812.855.8895

For all others:
Fee: $1145 - for reservations made before 4/15/2010; $1295 after 4/16/2010, covers facilities, all meals, camping, course materials, instruction, and round trip transportation from Bloomington. Contact Shagbark for information about work exchange options.

For all others: Andy Mahler, Shagbark, 3875 S County Rd 50 W, Paoli, IN 47454 andy[at]lazyblackbear[dot]org, 812.723.2430

>6/8 ~ CSL board meeting 5:15 @ MCPL, Indiana Rm

Center for Sustainable Living board meeting.
5:15 pm, TUE June 8th in the Indiana Room @ MCPL.


(812) 332-8796

>6/8 ~ Hoosier Hills Food Bank Hunger Recognition Reception (RSVP by 6/4) - Indiana Memorial Union, Tudor Room on IU campus.
900 E. Seventh Street, 5-7:PM, Ceremony brginning @ 5:30 PM.

Memorial Day weekend means the weather is hot, the pools are open and Hoosier Hills Food Bank is closed on Monday May 31st. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

As we are in a mini holiday season, we can also look forward to taking off Independence Day otherwise known as the Fourth of July on Monday July 5th.

Dan, 334-8374,

>6/9 ~ Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan (HCHP)
Dear Commonsensers,

So much to tell and where to begin? If you haven't been to the HCHP web site, go there for updated media links to the ongoing story of the Annual WellPoint Shareholder meeting on May 18. Because I tended to William "Bucky" Bush, a WellPoint Director who collapsed during the meeting, the story literally went all the way 'round the world.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it all happen, to all who drove in from out of town and out of state, to Wendell Potter and Quentin Young for sharing their passion and expertise, to Carrie Newcomer for lending her wonderful voice and music to our event again, to the HCHP Steering Committee who did more than I can ever hope to list, and to my dear wife Karen who did more than any single person should do to make it all happen.

The Wall Street Journal piece WellPoint CEO Faces Tough Questions on Insurer's Practices - WSJ.com is probably the most prestigious press notice we've received yet, at least since The Economist covered us last year.

The Sunday Indianapolis Star is keeping the story going: Doctor gets in some licks against WellPoint | IndyStar.com | The Indianapolis Star. This piece breaks the news of the vote tally: over 30 million shares voted FOR our resolution, calling on WellPoint to launch a feasibility study to convert to its charitable non-for-profit roots, over 9% of the total! This is jaw dropping, far beyond what we hoped to achieve.

The SEC rule states that since we received over 3% of the vote, we can bring the resolution back next year. We're not done yet!

Read still more about it on the Huffington Post: 30 Million WellPoint Shares Voted: Return to Non-Profit! (The Huffington Post will give me better placement for future articles based not only "hits", but also on comments made and those who sign up as Fans.)

The next HCHP monthly meeting in Bloomington will be at the Library, 303 E. Kirkwood @ 5:30 PM in the Auditorium on the 2nd Wednesday, June 9.

Rob Stone

6/21 ~ TransitionBloomington CoreGroup Meeting

Local Self-Reliance for a Post-Petroleum World

A networking coalition providing training for local production & exchange, renewable energy & efficiency, & thriving resilient communities.

The second meeting for all those who served as conveners of various groups at the Great Unleahing! or on the Transition Bloomington website are automatically in the Core Group, unless you state otherwise!

Time: June 21, 2010 from 7pm to 8:30pm
Location: Monroe County Library, not sure which room yet
City/Town: Bloomington
Phone: 334-1987
Event Type: group, meeting
Organized By: Transition Bloomington

The Core Group is composed of those who convened groups at the Great Unleashing. The purpose of the Core Group is to ensure coordination and networking of all Transition Groups as we learn how to shift into a low-tech, labor-intensive, powered down life where we celebrate ourselves, nature and each other as a community.

For all those who also convened a group, would you please let us know whether or not you plan to continue. We need to streamline the groups and to learn what gaps still exist in our Transition initiative.

It's now been one month since our Great Unleashing. The Core Group met on May 17 at 7 p.m. for the first time, and committed to meet monthly from now on. Here are the notes from that meeting. Please look them over to see if your group is represented, and if not, let us know! Thanks!


(Ann Kreilkamp, scribe)

For first Meeting of the Core Group (aka Conveners’ Group), at Rachael’s Café, 7 p.m. 5/17/10

Note: one of the main goals of this meeting was to find out who actually did convene groups at the GU, and whether or not they are going to continue, since no one made a list of
the groups on that day. At this meeting, we happily discovered that Kasi Spyker
took photos of all the group pages on the wall, and she will email them to me.
After the meeting I heard from Woodie Bessler, who was unable to come but said
he will be convening the group on Energy. Also, Zilia Estrada emailed that she will be continuing with her group on Increasing Biodiversity — A.K.

Attending: Kay Bull, Mylo Roze. Kasi Spyker, Eric Liebhaber, Keith Johnson, Rhonda Baird, Craig Harvey, Dave Parsons, Scott Routen, Marc Cornett, Daniel Weddle, Ann Kreilkamp

Ann Kreilkamp


>6/26 ~ CSL Annual Meeting Party & Screening
Center for Sustainable Living (CSL) - Annual Party

-B-TOP (Bloomington Transportation Options for People)will host the party on Sat June 26, beginning at 4:30 or 5:00 pm, tentatively located at Bloomington Hospital auditorium.
It will be a pot-luck meal, and Sarah Ryterband is also looking into getting food donations.

-The meal and awards will be followed by DVD screening of “Beyond the Motor City,” an 85-minute PBS documentary on urban transportation.
-Jeanne will create post cards to be sent out.


(812) 332-8796

>6/26 ~ Sustainable Living Fair in Indianapolis (Fee)
There are 6 weeks until the 2010 Indiana Sustainable Living Fair on June 26. This is a holistic version of the Midwest Small Farm Conference which many of you have attended for many years. Our underpinning is still small farm agriculture producing chemical-free food for local communities. But there is so much more to consider in the vision for sustainability. You know of the threats we are facing to our livelihoods and the quality of our lives. It looks even more dismal for our children's future. Food, fuel, energy, nutrition, wellness, self-reliance, economy, resource management, housing, transportation, education, seed sources, and markets are all threatened by the control by huge corporations and there tactics of globalization, speculation, manipulation of the economy, and restriction of markets.
And so we have evolved to a holistic approach -- the only way we will develop sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles that support a sustainable quality of life. We want you to join us in this effort to build community across our state and beyond. We must help, support, and encourage each other to take the steps necessary for the journey to sustainability.
Please be a part of this great fair. There has been no other like it in Indiana. There are five ways to participate. Look at our website to see how you can. We especially want demonstrators of practical and useful skills that support sustainability -- build a rain barrel, a bat house, a solar oven, a solar dryer -- how to cook with a solar oven, preserve food, use containers to grow food, tie knots, etc. Some of these ideas are already taken, but send me your ideas.

We are looking for speakers on certain topics in alternative energy, natural building, growing food, establishing a local currency, establishing a co-operative, etc. Send me your proposal.
Sign up your organization as a partner
Sell your products as a vendor
Distribute postcard sized announcements at health food stores, farmers' markets, cultural centers, etc. *Email me if you are willing to help with this.*

And please send the following announcement to all your friends and networks, and post to all calendar of events and websites
2010 Indiana Sustainable Living Fair
Saturday, June 26, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Marion County Fairgrounds, 7300 E. Troy Ave., Indianapolis
A collection of seminars, demonstrations, workshops, exhibits, and trade show vendors that promote practices contributing to sustainable lifestyle choices -- local chemical-free food, renewable energy, gardening, alternative fuels, environmental & social responsibility, complementary medicine, natural building, local economies, holistic veterinary practices and more.
$10/person cash admission (children under 12 free). Free parking.
*More information at* www.sustainableearth.net; contact

Regards to all,
Steve Bonney
Sustainable Earth
a 501(c)3 not-for-profit membership organization promoting chemical-free
family farming, community food systems and sustainable living since 1991
100 Georgton Ct.
West Lafayette, IN 47906
(765) 463-9366

>6/29 ~ Waste and Compost Working Group Meeting
How individuals, neighborhoods, businesses, & industry can address the flow of materials, nutrient, & energy through the bioregion--returning as much as possible to build healthy soil and many creative livelihoods.

Time: June 29, 2010 from 7pm to 8pm
Location: MCPL
Event Type: meeting
Organized By: Rhonda Baird


Rhonda Baird

*Ongoing opportunities ~
Mathers Museum of World Cultures