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Archived articles from The Bloomington Alternative dating to June 2008.

July 30 - August 12, 2012
News & Opinion
* Report: Insel should be fired from autism research committee by Steven Higgs
* Peace & Justice News: 08.10.12 by Linda Greene
* Green Party's Stein takes campaign to jail by Steven Higgs
* The Greene Report: 08.03.12 by Linda Greene
* Kids Count: Child poverty nearing Depression-era levels by Steven Higgs

July 15-29, 2012
News & Opinion
* Peace & Justice News: 07.27.12 by Linda Greene
* Cockburn, cancer and a confession by Steven Higgs
* Homeless agencies plan merger to meet growing needs by Diana Petrova
* Back-room deals, biomass, pollute Jasper by Linda Greene
* The Greene Report: 07.20.12 by Linda Greene

July 1-15, 2012
News & Opinion
* The relentless decline of print and TV news by Steven Higgs
* Peace & Justice News: 07.13.12 by Linda Greene
* The Greene Report: 07.06.12 by Linda Greene
* I-69 landowner dies after INDOT eviction Thomas and Sandra Tokarski

June 18 - July 1, 2012
News & Opinion
* Deer hunts coming to Bloomington by Steven Higgs
* Citizen groups unite to stop lobbyists from killing clean energy agenda Citizens Action Coalition
* Peace & Justice News: 06.26.12 by Linda Greene
* Poverty skyrocketing, more white, more concentrated by Steven Higgs
* The Greene Report: 06.22.12 by Linda Greene

June 4-17, 2012 News & Opinion
* Progressive presidential politics foundering again by Steven Higgs
* Peace & Justice News: 06.16.12 by Linda Greene
* What is the deal with Indiana gasification? by John Blair
* What new 2,4-D-resistant crops mean - going backwards by Linda Greene
* The Greene Report: 06.08.12 by Linda Greene

May 21 - June 3, 2012
News & Opinion
* Stoops seeks Simpson's State Senate seat Mark Stoops
* Peace & Justice News: 06.01.12 Linda Greene
* Citizen group website to track Prairie State coal plant Citizens Action Coalition
* Toxic chemicals can alter development for generations Steven Higgs
* Political pressure stopped Scott County biomass burner Linda Greene
* The Greene Report: 05.26.12 Linda Greene

April 16 - May 6, 2012
News & Opinion
* Peace & Justice News: 05.01.12 by Linda Greene
* A call to arms for a class war, from the top down by Steven Higgs
* Edwardsport settlement a heist for Duke Energy Citizens Action Coalition, Sierra Club, Valley Watch, Save the Valley
* The Greene Report: 04.25.12 by Linda Greene
* Peace & Justice News: 04.20.12 by Linda Greene
* BOOK REVIEW: 'Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion' by Linda Greene
* University of Michigan's dubious deal with Dow Chemical by Carol Polsgrove
* Confronting Douglas Wilson's Christian hate by Linda Greene

April 1-15, 2012
News & Opinion
* Report: UC Davis pepper spray 'objectively unreasonable' by Diana Petrova
* The Greene Report: 04.14.12 by Linda Greene
* See Costa Rica close up through homestay and Spanish study by Carol Polsgrove
* Duke, Leucadia boondoggles cost consumers, businesses by Grant Smith
* Occupy's Spring of Discontent has begun by Diana Petrova
* Students: 'IU has blood on its hands' Anonymous IU Students
* Van Jones: Rebuild the dream with citizen action by Steven Higgs
* Rollo: Peak oil already wreaking economic disaster by Linda Greene
* The Greene Report: 03.31.12 by Linda Greene

March 19 - April 1, 2012
News & Opinion
* Ninth anniversary of Iraq invasion brings demand for peace by Linda Greene
* Occupy spurs talk of financial overhaul by Diana Petrova
* If Fox News only had a brain by Paul Smith
* World Courts of Women on Poverty focus on reality by Linda Greene
* Six-month Occupy Wall Street anniversary brings more police violence by Diana Petrova
* On path cleared by local judge, INDOT levels trees, racing the clock by Carol Polsgrove

February 26 - March 18, 2012
News & Opinion
* Anderson embraces Americans Elect nominating process by Steven Higgs
* Protesters arrested, beaten at Occupy the Midwest by Diana Petrova
* Daniels, GOP exposed for right-to-work lie - Indiana AFL-CIO
* March 21 Rally to oppose attack on Iran - Bloomington Peace Action Coalition
* Edible Secrets: Top secret U.S. government memos by Linda Greene
* Syria: The unfolding tragedy by Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
* Stoops: I-69 vote failed due to conflict of interest by Monroe County Commissioner Mark Stoops Arts & Culture
* BOOK REVIEW: The corrupt politics of cancer by Linda Greene

February 13-26, 2012
News & Opinion
* Occupy will petition the government to redress grievances by Diana Petrova
* MEDIAlternative: The lesser of two evils redux by Kevin Howley
* Occupy the SEC challenges Volcker rule by Diana Petrova
* 2012 a great leap forward for 'third parties'? by Steven Higgs
* Stein emerges as the favored Green for president by Steven Higgs

January 30-February 12, 2012
News & Opinion
* MEDIAlternative: Annals of censorship: Award season edition by Kevin Howley
* Occupy Oakland arrests push total over 6,000 by Diana Petrova
* Rocky Anderson: Overthrow the 'dictatorship of money' by Steven Higgs
* Right-to-work law worst in a generation AFL-CIO
* Mesplay calls for Green Party focus on youth by Steven Higgs
* Occupying NATO and the G-8 in Chicago by Diana Petrova

January 16-29, 2012
News & Opinion
* The haves and the soon to haves – prosperity can wait by Kevin Howley
* Arab Spring 2: State of the Egyptian revolution by Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
* Recycling, waste districts threatened by Indiana Senate
* IU workers seek 3.5 percent pay hike CWA Local 4730, AFCME Local 832
* AFL-CIO: Daniels speech oblivious, cruelly ironic Indiana AFL-CIO
* Where was IDEM and DNR? by John Blair
* Occupy Congress demands real democracy by Diana Petrova
* Green Party's Stein courts Occupy Wall Street by Steven Higgs
* Occupying the courts over Citizens United by Diana Petrova
* Hoosiers want more time, referendum on 'right to work' Indiana AFL-CIO

January 1-14, 2012
News & Opinion
* Exposing the mainstream media's 'massive failures' by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Annals of censorship - GOP Primary edition by Kevin Howley
* Cooperative grocery stores grow across the nation by Emily Peters
* Students deliver petitions demanding IU move off coal Coal Free IU
* Ohio valley mercury emissions poisoning the globe by Steven Higgs
* 'A symbol of the new year, of what was to come' by Diana Petrova
* Police state targeted by New Year's Eve demos by Steven Higgs
* Report exposes the lies behind 'Right to Work' Indiana AFL-CIO

December 18-31, 2011
News & Opinion
* Occupy Chicago turns to stage, creates its own media by Diana Petrova
* Hospitals incorporate alternative therapy treatments by Melinda Elston
* Bloomington struggles to support local artists by Kelsey McNeill
* PROFILE: Community orchard, from idea to reality by Emily Peters
* Jill Stein, the Green Party and the 'Green New Deal' by Steven Higgs
* Occupy Wall Street at three months - still going, growing by Diana Petrova
* MEDIAlternative: Top 10 soundbites of 2011 by Kevin Howley

December 4-17, 2011
News & Opinion
* Advocates: Hardy deserves maximum sentence by Steven Higgs
* Rocky Anderson a progressive alternative to Obama by Steven Higgs
* Striking workers allege 'assault with a motor vehicle' Millworkers Local 8093
* Occupy focuses on foreclosures, campaign finance by Diana Petrova
* Poll shows Hoosiers reject right-to-work legislation Indiana State AFL-CIO
* Ron Reagan's kids rebel, finally by Steven Higgs
* HEC, LEAF merge to advance sustainability HEC/LEAF

November 21 - December 3, 2011
News & Opinion
* Curbing corporate power: the next step for the movement to slow climate change by Carol Polsgrove
* Kelley protesters issue statement of intent
* Mike Pence's trouble with the truth by Steven Higgs
* Occupy Everywhere: Michael Moore, Naomi Klein on movement against corporate power Democracy Now!
* Guyott: Hoosiers won't fall for 'right to work' fallacy Indiana State AFL-CIO

November 7-20, 2011
News & Opinion
* Occupy Wall Street a new 'rolling movement of civil disobedience' by Steven Higgs
* Occupy Bloomington rallies, marches in solidarity by Diana Petrova
* Meet the movement to stop mountaintop removal in Appalachia by Carol Polsgrove
* The decline and fall of American labor by Steven Higgs

October 17 - November 6, 2011
News & Opinion
* Shame, shame, shame, MPO by Steven Higgs
* 'Nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water' by Linda Greene
* Move Your Money: divest from 'too-big-to-fail' banks Democracy Now!
* The corporatization of the university by Steven Higgs
* The yellow rose of Bloomington Lyrics by Paul Smith

October 3-16, 2011
News & Opinion
* MULTIMEDIA: Occupy Bloomington marchers demand justice by Steven Higgs
* Occupy Indianapolis: Participatory democracy at work by Linda Greene
* The last public hanging in America by Steven Higgs
* Occupy Bloomington begins Oct. 9 Occupy Bloomington
* Texans remain vigilant against Interstate 69 by Linda Greene

September 19 - October 2, 2011
News & Opinion
* Health care vs. wealth care: a victim's perspective by Steven Higgs
* Book Review: After Capitalism by Linda Greene
* Newport and the charade of public input by Steven Higgs
* The “Real” State of the University – staff edition, 2011 CWA Local 4730
* Going to jail over the tar sands by Shodo Spring
* Santa Claus and September 11 by Beenish Chaudry

September 5-18, 2011
News & Opinion
* Health care vs. wealth care in America by Rob Stone
* The Arab Revolution not yet won by Anas Alahmed
* U.S. Census Report: One in six Americans are poor by Democracy Now!
* Officials: Newport development top priority by Steven Higgs
* 'I-69 equals jobs' a persistent myth by Linda Greene
* Citizens again ask MPO to keep I-69 out I-69 Accountability Project, CARR

August 22 - September 4, 2011
News & Opinion
* Sheehan calls for grass-roots revolt against 'robber class' by Linda Greene
* Gillian Welch: 'More mature, nuanced and revealing' by Debora Frazier
* Cynthia McKinney's report on Libya by Bob Baldwin
* Citizens, groups united behind Newport prairie by Steven Higgs
* Midwest rising in St. Louis by Linda Greene
* Study: One in four Hoosier kids at risk of hunger Feeding Indiana's Hungry
* IURC silence on Duke/Progress merger: Lack of jurisdiction or transparency? Citizens Action Coalition

August 8-21, 2011
News & Opinion
* The Indiana prairie's last best chance - Part 1 by Steven Higgs
* Karst topography complicates I-69, adds costs by Linda Greene
* Wars bankrupting the American economy by Linda Greene
* Endangered Indiana bat thrives in I-69 path by Linda Greene
* 'A Declaration of War on the Poor' Democracy Now!
* HEC: I-69 robs communities' money for roads Hoosier Environmental Council

July 25 - August 7, 2011
News & Opinion
* 'Children are not little adults' by Steven Higgs
* Leave our Mother alone, you motherfrackers by Gnome de Plume
* Marshall law: rebellion and broken shackles by Linda Greene
* Inmates: White supremacists rule state prisons Indiana Prisoner Solidarity
* Sanders slams Dems, GOP over wealth gap Bernie Sanders
* CWA challenges McRobbie's 22 percent raise CWA Local 4730

July 11-24, 2011
News & Opinion
* MEDIAlternative: Accountability index by Kevin Howley
* NRDC report: Indiana among nation's worst power plant polluters by Linda Greene
* The slow, expensive death of 'clean coal' by John Blair
* Climate change impacts on human health by Linda Greene
* Reflections on three decades of citizen action by Steven Higgs

June 27 - July 10, 2011
News & Opinion
* New study suggests link between autism, environment by Steven Higgs
* OUCC reverses stance on Edwardsport power plant by John Blair
* MEDIAlternative: Across the Twitterverse by Kevin Howley
* Citizens threaten lawsuit over I-69
* Witnessing broken promises in Haiti by Fran Quigley
* New Woolen book a 'tour guide to inner America' by Steve Pollitt

June 13-26, 2011
News & Opinion
* MEDIAlternative: Annals of censorship: Summertime edition by Kevin Howley
* Whistleblower prosecutions up under Obama by Linda Greene
* Judge Rules for Planned Parenthood on defunding Planned Parenthood
* Staking a claim to the future at Blair Mountain by Carol Polsgrove
* Hoosier politicians cashing in on corporate service by Steven Higgs
* I-69 proponents 'scheming undercover' in Texas by Linda Greene

May 30 - June 12, 2011
News & Opinion
* Summer reading a refuge from the 'White Noise' by Kevin Howley
* Peace activist Cindy Sheehan to speak in Bloomington
* Planned Parenthood Ruling expected by July 1
* Democrats: Hoosiers will pay for GOP's Medicare plan
* WellPoint trapped within internal contradictions by Rob Stone

May 16 - May 29, 2011
News & Opinion
* Thank you Mark Kruzan by Steven Higgs
* DNR sells timber in Backcountry Area by David Stewart
* Citizens demand single-payer health care by Linda Greene
* Meet Mitch Daniels, big spender by Carol Polsgrove
* Thanks to donations, Planned Parenthood extends care to May 30 Planned Parenthood

May 2-15, 2011
News & Opinion
* MPO says ‘No Interstate 69 in Bloomington’ by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: Same as it ever was by Kevin Howley
* Life expectancy a ‘reversal of fortunes’? by Steven Higgs
* Planned Parenthood extends care to Medicaid patients Planned Parenthood of Indiana

April 18 - May 1, 2011
News & Opinion
* I-69 opposition not finished yet by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: Movin' on, MoveOn by Kevin Howley
* Media, the environment, vaccines and autism by Steven Higgs
* Cancer in blue-collar workers by Linda Greene
* Liberation from the animals' point of view by Linda Greene
* Planned Parenthood of Indiana vows to keep fighting HB 1210 News Release

April 3-17, 2011
News & Opinion
* Dept. of Justice asked to enforce voter accessibility laws in Indiana by Steven Higgs
* I-69 approval delayed in Monroe County I-69 Accountability Project
* MEDIAlternative: Showdowns, shutdowns and shakedowns by Kevin Howley
* Prudent to assume no safe dose of radiation by Linda Greene
* Alexander calls for pedestrian-friendly 17th Street Alexander for City Council

March 21-April 3
News & Opinion
* Recalling the Deam Wilderness fight by Steven Higgs
* 'Every revolution appears inevitable' by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: The future past of public broadcasting by Kevin Howley
* Daniels 'trying to kill the middle class' by Bailey Loosemore
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: If we don't fight, then they win by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* Expert: SNG plant raw deal for ratepayers

March 7-20, 2011
News & Opinion
* MEDIAlternative: Five signs of shoddy journalism by Kevin Howley
* 15 years later, even Finns' sperm is in decline by Steven Higgs
* Farmers' Market rules change after citizens act by Megan Hutchison
* Lawns for Life by Linda Greene
* State Rep. Smith calls Daniels a hypocrite by Steven Higgs

February 21 - March 6
News & Opinion
* The future of public-interest journalism by Steven Higgs
* House budget cuts hit Bloomington by Bailey Loosemore
* Technology facilitates revolution by David Stewart
* Two of nation's top 10 CO2 emitting plants in Southwest Indiana by John Blair
* Indiana S.B. 251 a utility money grab, nothing more News Release
* EPA issues final standard on toxic air pollution News Release

February 7-20, 2011
News & Opinion
* The IU coal-free campaign by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: Five reasons to support public media by Kevin Howley
* Middle Way's Food Works opens new store by Bailey Loosemore
* MEDIAlternative: Annals of Censorship: Award season edition by Kevin Howley
* Daniels administration stonewalls public access to shady power plant deal Citizens Action Coalition
* INTERVIEW: Quigley on drone warfare in Indiana by Linda Greene
* American War Machine explores 'deep history' by Kevin Ryan
* Student journalists; the autism epidemic is your generation's story to tell by Steven Higgs
* Reflections on the Egyptian revolution by Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
* Bill would lead to skyrocketing electric bills Citizens Action Coalition

January 24 - February 6, 2011
News & Opinion
* INTERVIEW: Activists Hugh Farrell and Mary Sackley by Linda Greene
* Energy assistance funds running low by Bailey Loosemore
* MEDIAlternative: Reagan at 100: The high stakes of media politics by Kevin Howley
* Energetic materials a potential cause of 9/11 first responder illnesses by Kevin Ryan
* Egyptian people: Stand up and smell the freedom by Anas Alahmed
* New report: Environmental causes of cancer by Linda Greene
* Shakespeare is still relevant by David Stewart
* It rains mercury in Mitch Daniels' America by Steven Higgs
* IN VERSE: Tax cuts for the rich by Paul Smith

January 10-23, 2011
* MEDIAlternative: All Palin, all the time by Kevin Howley
* Despite Indiana ethics scandal, senate committee embraces utilities' agenda Citizens Action Coalition
* From pesticides to Earth Day to autism by Steven Higgs

December 26-January 9, 2011
News & Opinion
* Bloomington grannies rage with song by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: Radio resolutions by Kevin Howley
* A Quick Trip to Madison, Wis. - 01.04-08.11 Photographs by Steven Higgs

December 12-26, 2010
News & Opinion
* MEDIAlternative: WTF: CIA edition by Kevin Howley
* STATE OF THE UNION: Forced representation a right-to-wreck by Tom Szymanski
* Communities fight biomass, Congress pays to build it by Carol Polsgrove
* Cause of autism a cause for concern by Steven Higgs
* 'Killing health care and deceiving Americans' by Linda Greene
* Where this road has led, and how we turn around by Carol Polsgrove

November 29-December 11, 2010
News & Opinion
* Duke scandal is business as usual in Indiana by John Blair
* MEDIAlternative: Top 10 sellouts of 2010 by Kevin Howley
* CAC statement on Edwardsport settlement withdrawal CAC
* EnerDel, Purdue help develop UAVs by Fran Quigley
* Autism Waiver cuts spell catastrophe in Indiana by Steven Higgs
* E-mails detail homey Edwardsport relations by Carol Polsgrove

November 15-28, 2010
News & Opinion
* Biomass invades, threatens Southern Indiana by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: A bridge too far by Kevin Howley
* Purdue and the 'flying grenades' by Fran Quigley
* Groups press regulators on Duke's Edwardsport debacle News Release
* Power plant scandal could dim Daniels's presidential prospects by Carol Polsgrove
* Evidence for informed trading on 9/11 attacks by Kevin Ryan
* The last word on I-69 by Steven Higgs
* Consumer Counselor betrays Indiana ratepayers by Grant Smith
* Has anyone seen Mark Kruzan? by Steven Higgs

November 1-14, 2010
News & Opinion
* Has anyone seen Mark Kruzan? by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlernative: In case you missed it by Kevin Howley
* Bloomington Bulldozer: MPO caves to INDOT by Carol Polsgrove
* Friedman ignores corporate role in climate change by David Stewart
* Questions mount in Duke Energy ethics scandal News Release
* Wendell Berry's calling by Thomas P. Healy

October 18-31, 2010
News & Opinion
* 'Stop war and save the planet' by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: WTF? Election Day edition by Kevin Howley
* A big road through a little refuge by Carol Polsgrove
* Hearings needed on Duke power plant cost overruns News Release
* Democrats -- 'Don't act' don't sell by Steven Higgs
* Duke should come clean on Edwardsport cost by Kerwin Olson

October 4-17, 2010
News & Opinion
* Logan: 'Great characters make great stories' by David Stewart
* MEDIAlternative: The young and the newsless by Kevin Howley
* Labor supports our schools by Tom Szymanski
* MCCSC school referendum a vote for the future by Linda Greene
* Hoosier photojournalist held, expelled from Yemen by Thomas P. Healy
* CAC calls for outside investigation into Edwardsport plant Citizen Action Coalition
* U.S. Military world's largest polluters by Linda Greene
* Daniels acts to save face in ethics scandal by John Blair
* Reflections on the common good by Thomas P. Healy
* MEDIAlternative: Wish list by Kevin Howley

Sept. 20-Oct. 3, 2010
News & Opinion
* From the Left to the Right: Watch Daniels by Steven Higgs
* Landowners briefed on eminent domain by Linda Greene
* Report reveals steps on textbook affordability INPIRG

September 6-19, 2010
News & Opinion
* Family gets millions for vaccine-induced autism by Steven Higgs
* Citizens respond to Edwardsport settlement by Kerwin Olson
* Is Eli Lilly pursuing the presidency? by Steven Higgs
* The Indiana governor's socialist tendencies by John Blair

August 23 - September 5, 2010
News & Opinion
* 'Islam is all about options' by David Stewart
* The aristocrat behind the I-69 curtain by Steven Higgs
* 45/46 Bypass 'precisely the wrong approach' by Linda Greene

August 9-22, 2010
News & Opinion
* Bankrupted for being chronically ill by Steven Higgs
* IU staff raises a small step in right direction CWA Local 4730
* I-69 charges resolved, SLAPP suits remain by Linda Greene
* 'The fictional basis for the war on terror' by Kevin Ryan
* Senate hearing emphasizes environment-autism links by Steven Higgs

August 8, 2010
News & Opinion
* Clearcutting the streams in Johnson County by Linda Greene
* Progressives, conservatives agree: Single payer is inevitable by Rob Stone
* I-69, the last great American highway? by Thomas R. Tokarski
* Publication sked, design changes coming by Steven Higgs

August 1, 2010
* The first autistic kid in school by Steven Higgs

July 25, 2010
News & Opinion
* Animal cruelty -- but one CAFO crime by Steven Higgs
* Lugar, Bayh key on climate/energy bill by Linda Greene Arts & Culture
* Brown County Hour showcases local talent
* Art Hospital closes after four years by Megan Erbacher

July 11, 2010
News & Opinion
* Toxic Valley: Human health, the almighty buck by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Rebranding (National) Public Radio by Kevin Howley
* Biomass incineration a 'Pandora's Box' by Linda Greene
* CAFO crimes against nature by Steven Higgs
* At the USSF, with social justice on their minds
* Free the attorney general by Fran Quigley

July 4, 2010
* Autism's generation gap, a lesson re-learned by Steven Higgs

June 27, 2010
News & Opinion
* Deep in the heart of toxic valley by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Threat assessment by Kevin Howley
* CIVITAS: An afternoon of (almost) aphorisms by Gregory Travis
* STATE OF THE UNION: Chamber should look in the mirror by Tom Szymanski
* Caveat emptor on property tax caps by Fran Quigley
* Visit Bloomington -- support its brave stand by Avon Waters Arts & Culture
* Scholarship keeps potter's spirit alive by Megan Erbacher
* Is Jeff Beck having too much fun? by Kevin Howley

June 13, 2010
News & Opinion
* Baron Hill responds to open health care letter
* CIVITAS: Betting on the future, or not by Gregory Travis
* America's worst generation by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative -- Index of accountability by Kevin Howley
* Quick techno-fixes for climate change? by Linda Greene
* Too sheltered from the effects of war by Fran Quigley Arts & Culture
* Bringing the photo art world to Bloomington by Megan Erbacher

June 6, 2010
* Simplifying the definition of autism by Steven Higgs

May 30, 2010
News & Opinion
* An open letter to Congressman Baron Hill by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Down the news hole by Kevin Howley
* Backcountry walk-in protests logging by Linda Greene
* Community orchard a unique concept by Clinton Lake
* CIVITAS: The true tar babies by Gregory Travis
* 30 Million WellPoint shares vote return to nonprofit by Rob Stone
* Prayers unanswered by new gun law by Fran Quigley Arts & Culture
* Songwriter gig draws national attention by Megan Erbacher
* Comedy competition, summer laughs at the Attic by Megan Erbacher

May 23, 2010
* 'Poisoned for Profit' -- the truth and nothing but by Steven Higgs

May 16, 2010
News & Opinion
* Resistance, dissent and government repression by Linda Greene
* A letter from the editor by Steven Higgs
* 'Walk-in' will protest Backcountry logging by Linda Greene
* Napalm, big health insurance and divestment by Rob Stone
* Johnsen, Constitution, denied role in Obama administration by Fran Quigley
* CIVITAS: In with a bang, out with a whimper? by Gregory Travis
* Diverging trends at the Animal Shelter by Kara Gentry Arts & Culture
* Stroll downtown Bloomington on First Fridays by Megan Erbacher

May 2, 2010
News & Opinion
* Attorney: Daniels to blame for rural misery by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: An open letter to Bill Moyers by Kevin Howley
* Vested interests push Rockport syngas plant by Linda Greene
* The problem is the war, not the soldiers by Fran Quigley
* Cooperative living creates community by Clinton Lake

April 25, 2010
* EPA study suggests autism-environment link by Steven Higgs
* 'The Vaccine War' on FRONTLINE by Steven Higgs

April 18, 2010
News & Opinion
* J.B. Handley: Tobacco science in its early phase by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Net neutrality -- down to the wire by Kevin Howley
* Look at us, Governor Daniels by Fran Quigley
* Hoosier robot killers? by Fran Quigley
* WellPoint shareholders revolt! by Rob Stone
* The nuclear cloud over Iraq and Iran by Linda Greene
* Please stop stimulating corporate development by Ann Miller

April 11, 2010
* Did anyone hear Bernadine Healy? by Steven Higgs

April 4, 2010
News & Opinion
* J.B. Handley: It's unequivocal; vaccines hurt some kids by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: The futures of journalism by Kevin Howley
* Pushing WellPoint back to nonprofit? by Linda Greene
* Expressing and suppressing dissent in D.C. by Linda Greene
* Living in fear of deportation by Fran Quigley
* Daniels responds on CAFO, sort of by Steven Higgs
* The peak oil problem, the Transition solution by Doug Hanvey
* Support Our Schools rally April 10 Support Our Schools

March 21, 2010
News & Opinion
* What kind of democracy is this? by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: A tale of two by Gregory Travis
* MEDIAlternative: Reasonable doubts & dubious assertions by Kevin Howley
* Another war memorial for Indy? by Linda Greene
* Drowning out the sound of cash by Fran Quigley
* Citizens fund CAFO cleanups, more trouble ahead Indiana CAFO Watch

March 14, 2010
* Mitch Daniels: Unhealthy for children and other living things by Steven Higgs

March 7, 2010
News & Opinion
* Enhanced prosecutorial techniques for Hugh and Tiga by Linda Greene
* Do vaccines cause autism? by Steven Higgs
* The 911 Truth Movement: Debunking the official story by Kevin Howley
* War spenders are deficit "faux-hawks" by Fran Quigley
* The "real" State of the University -- Staff edition CWFA Local 4730
* Groups contend Liberty Green is not so green Citizens Action Coalition
* CFA: Consumers save through efficiency Consumer Federation of America

February 21, 2010
News & Opinion
* Life on the edge of the autism epidemic by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Urban and rural, sacred and profane Gregory Travis
* MEDIAlternative: Made for each other by Kevin Howley
* So long, Evan Bayh - Good riddance! by Steven Higgs
* Walking past Alice by Fran Quigley
* Recorder Allison seeks County Council Seat 4 Allison for County Council Arts & Culture
* The military's war on the Earth by Linda Greene

February 7, 2010
News & Opinion
* Citizens fight biomass incinerator in Crawford County by Linda Greene
* CIVITAS: Daniels just not very good at his job by Gregory Travis
* Autism drives special ed funding hikes by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Toyota as metaphor by Kevin Howley
* D.C. march will protest Obabma's wars by Linda Greene
* Legilsators dump on factory farm bills
* Why don't they just leave? by Fran Quigley

January 24, 2010
News & Opinion
* Educating the Ohio Valley's special kids by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Highway robbery on Interstate 69 by Gregory Travis
* MEDIAlternative: Handicapping Obama by Kevin Howley
* Citizens United decision a radical departure by Linda Greene
* What would FDR Do? by Rob Stone
* Rebutting the presumptions of war by Fran Quigley
* STATE OF THE UNION: A supreme misjudgment by Tom Szymanski Arts & Culture
* Visual art goes green in Bloomington by Haley Cole

January 10, 2010
News & Opinion
* Local educators emphasize environment by Mary McConnell
* 'Evidence of Harm' revisited, Part 2 by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Connecting the dots by Kevin Howley
* The Truth in Hand-Wringing Amendment by Fran Quigley
* What to do when an agent knocks by Linda Greene
* Walking with warlords and (former) spooks by Radha Surya
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Looking back, and ahead by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer Arts & Culture
* BAAC: The numbers speak for themselves BAAC

December 27, 2009
News & Opinion
* Homeless shelters adapt to new climate by Kate Ripley
* Defeating autism, now by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Obama's lost opportunities by Kevin Howley
* Protestors raise awareness at Gates IU ceremony by Linda Greene
* Where are last year's agents of change? by Fran Quigley

December 13, 2009
News & Opinion
* The Ohio Valley's heavy metal kids by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Compound conundrum by Gregory Travis
* 'Vigilers' join world climate change solidarity by Linda Greene
* Gates won't address disparities at IU commencement by Radha Surya
* MEDIAlternative: Obama's Nobel Peace Prize; Bush or not Bush by Kevin Howley
* Fightin' the Blues by Rob Stone
* IBM cancelation a victory for democracy by Fran Quigley
* Student loans need a financial watchdog by Andrew Merki
* Pediatrician to speak on dangers of biomass Indiana Forest Alliance

November 29, 2009
News & Opinion
* Southwest Indiana kids enveloped in toxins by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: The paranoid style by Gregory Travis
* Daniels' state forest decimation continues by David Stewart
* State turns consumers into syngas patsies by John Blair
* Indiana's power plant pollution ranks fourth nationwide by Megan Severson
* Healthcare reform: Is this bill better than nothing? by Rob Stone
* McCabe goes to EPA; IKE seeks new leader by Kathryn Watson
* Running for Senate as a citizen, not as a politician d'Ippolito Campaign 2010
* House gets health care reform right by Ken Zeller Arts & Culture
* Artists organize against BAAC, Waldron - Bloomington Performing Arts Coalition

November 15, 2009
News & Opinion
* Legislators punt backcountry to loggers by Linda Greene
* CIVITAS: INDOT goes 'batshit crazy' by Gregory Travis
* Autism and the Indiana Environment blog by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Berlin, bailouts and bullshit by Kevin Howley
* STATE OF THE UNION: Council adopts an important ordinance by Tom Szymanski
* Gaza war crimes subject of report, film by Linda Greene
* Indiana pollution up 15 percent since 1990 by Megan Severson
* Kruzan responds to INDOT bullying
* State sells State Forest timber in slow market Indiana Forest Alliance
* Waste management district expands plastic collection by Elisa Pokral

November 1, 2009
News & Opinion
* Autism spikes, toxic pollution suspected by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: A noble plan by Gregory Travis
* MEDIAlternative: A poor first draft of history by Kevin Howley
* Marching for Palestine by David Stewart
* Mental health critical to reform by Robert Williams Arts & Culture
* World premier of death penalty opera Small Box by Linda Greene

October 18, 2009
News & Opinion
* Master plan would protect environment, rural Monroe County by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: The dismal science by Gregory Travis
* Making a stand for peace by David Stewart
* STATE OF THE UNION: We must have the public option! by Tom Szymanski
* Bloomington and the world campaign against climate change by Linda Greene
* Rethink Afghanistan by Linda Greene
* Go pick a pumpkin! by Elisa Pokral
* The 'Real' State of the University - Staff Edition CWA, Local 4730

October 4, 2009
News & Opinion
* Manipulating nano on the IU campus by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: A done deal by Gregory Travis
* Campaigning for a coal-free IU campus by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: NPR health care poll is news? by Kevin Howley
* Muslims celebrate Eid in Bloomington by Anas Alahmed
* Record-breaking transit ridership saved fuel in Indiana by Megan Severson
* U.S. nuclear war planning for a hundred holocausts by Daniel Ellsberg

September 20, 2009
News & Opinion
* Doctors support national health insurance by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: A future, undimmed by Gregory Travis
* MEDIAlternative: Mainstream media inhibits the imaginative by Kevin Howley
* Energy efficiency: Wasting less to save more by Megan Severson
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Nonprofits' tendency to self-destruct by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* Obama gives green light to cleaner cars Environment America
* Orange bag fee increase for waste disposal by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* Jessica Hopper guides girls to rocking by Lori Canada

September 13, 2009 SPECIAL EDITION
* Bloomington outwits INDOT on 'hardship buyout' – Updated by Steven Higgs
* U.S. nuclear terrorism by Daniel Ellsberg

September 6, 2009
News & Opinion
* I-69 showdown ahead, media matters by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Good news, bad news by Kevin Howley
* Our PCBs: Forgotten but not gone by Linda Greene
* Hugh and Tiga's 'day in court' by David Stewart
* Body of War screening Sept. 16 by Linda Greene
* Climate change: An opportunity by Sam F. Miller
* Now is the time for health care reform by John F. Penn
* Bloomington PFLAG expands its reach White River PFLAG
* The wind is free: Sailing anyone? by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* Focus on photography by Steven Higgs

August 23, 2009
News & Opinion
* Blue dog obstacles to true health care reform by Steven Higgs
* Life in occupied Gaza by Anas Alahmed and David Stewart
* Watching the Wabash River by Linda Greene
* Why you should fight for the public option by Allison Luthe
* Hiroshima Day: America has been asleep at the wheel for 64 years by Daniel Ellsberg Arts & Culture
* BLUES & MORE: Craig Brenner & the Crawdads romp with boogie and jazz by George Fish
* Country living and the flame of recognition by Steven Higgs

August 9, 2009
News & Opinion *
* Healthcare reform: For the people or the corporations? by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: In black and white by Gregory Travis
* High school students report on Islam by Anas Alahmed and David Stewart
* Rebuking INDOT's 45/46 Bypass by Sarah Ryterband
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Boy Scouts raise debate by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* Bulky item drop-off days -- Aug. 28-29 by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* BOOK REVIEW: Growing up gay in America by Linda Greene
* Plan Colombia '74, Part 2 by Steven Higgs

July 26, 2009
News & Opinion
* The future, according to the Tokarskis by Steven Higgs
* Unequal health care, unequal lives by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: Debating healthcare -- A glossary by Kevin Howley
* Internationals create human buffer around Palestinian farmer by Deema Dabis
* New glass drop-off process at rural recycling sites by Elisa Pokral
* Indiana experts call for transition to clean energy economy News Release Arts & Culture
* Creating art for mental health by Nick Bowersox
* BLUES & MORE: The Blues of Poetry -- Joseph Kerschbaum by George Fish
* Plan Colombia '74, Part 1 by Steven Higgs

July 12, 2009
News & Opinion
* 20 years of crimes against democracy by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Plus ca change by Gregory Travis
* Forest summit another sham by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: Deal or no deal by Kevin Howley
* Changes afoot at the Wylie House by Carol Polsgrove
* A letter from Hugh by Hugh Farrell
* Mediocrity -- A Hoosier affliction by George Fish and Dave Fey Arts & Culture
* New pottery cooperative builds community by Nick Bowersox
* BLUES & MORE: Chubby Wadsworth, a grand dean of original music by George Fish
* Sexual liberation, etc. by Steven Higgs

June 28, 2009
News & Opinion
* Nanotechnology: Revolution and pollution by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Home is nowhere by Gregory Travis
* Feds' letter postpones I-69 showdown to 9/11 by Steven Higgs
* Brown County landowner protects trees, makes money by Jordan Arnold
* MEDIAlternative: Moving pictures and double standards by Kevin Howley
* Costs ignored in congressional energy debate by Grant Smith
* Patriotism and recycling: It all comes back to you! by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* In the company of madmen by Steven Higgs

June 14, 2009
News & Opinion
* Damaging our children's brains? by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Loving Day by Gregory Travis
* STATE OF THE UNION: Facts trump business on EFCA by Tom Szymanski
* Peace be with you, Kurt by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: The elephant in the room by Kevin Howley
* The Misfortune 500 by Rob Larson
* Finding Tony's house in Jerusalem by Deema Dabis
* Sandberg uses theater to rehabilitate inmates by Katherine Hagan Arts & Culture
* Road tripping on the Marijuana Way by Steven Higgs

May 31, 2009
News & Opinion
* The uphill struggle against King Coal by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Identity politics by Gregory Travis
* House committee passes clean energy bill by LuCinda Hohmann
* Bayh and Hill: False populists by Zac Elliot
* Inspiration's end by Kevin Howley
* Black adapts to downtown student market by Benjamin Roberts
* Refugees of consciousness by Deema Dabis
* Coalition backs permanent Backcountry protection Indiana Forest Alliance, Sustainable Earth
* Job tips for a green world by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* Slumlords, sorority women and bank robbers
* Book review: The Lonely Soldier by Linda Greene

May 17, 2009
News & Opinion
* HEC's Kharbanda sees hope, despite setbacks by Steven Higgs
* Watership Down by Gregory Travis
* Granny flats -- Yes, no, maybe? by Carol Polsgrove
* MEDIAlternative: Soldier to civilian by Kevin Howley
* Consultants ignore community, plan more human cages by Decarcerate Monroe County
* Resisting confiscation in Palestine by Deema Dabis
* American withdrawal, Iraqi views by Anas Alahmed Arts & Culture
* Memoir: Introduction: From East 34th to South Dunn Street by Steven Higgs

May 3, 2009
News & Opinion
* State criminalizes shouting about I-69 by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: The first 100 days by Gregory Travis
* MMSF backcountry faces logging threat by Linda Greene
* MEDIAlternative: Widespread panic by Kevin Howley
* Business gets carded by Rob Larson
* Ferner still organizing for peace by David Stewart
* No renewable energy standard for Indiana Hoosier Environmental Council
* A letter from the streets by Will Figment
* If trees could talk by Elisa Pokral

April 19, 2009
News & Opinion
* Indiana: High rates of autism, toxic pollution by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Secession suggestion by Gregory Travis
* City dumps on adult community center by Carol Polsgrove
* Veterans for Peace president coming to Bloomington by Linda Greene
* STATE OF THE UNION: Rally, for a change! by Tom Szymanski
* Re-membering, Part II by Deema Dabis
* The Subprime Court by Rob Larson
* CWA open letter to IU Trustees CWA Local 4730
* Think Earth: Earth Day and Arbor 2009 by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* Hot, inspired regional CDS by George Fish

April 5, 2009
News & Opinion
* Marching on the war profiteers by Linda Greene
* CIVITAS: By, Bayh? by Gregory Travis
* 'Environmental hits' suspected cause of autism by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Laughing matters by Kevin Howley
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Spring means Miss Gay IU by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* Shadow colonies and the 'War on Terror' by David Stewart
* Senate Republicans target Hoosier workers by Tom Szymanski

March 22,2009
News & Opinion
* Treating a little-understood condition by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: A political stunt by Gregory Travis
* Kruzan: Public can stop I-69 by Mark Kruzan
* What's really outrageous by Kevin Howley
* INDOT studies: cost increases for I-69 News Release: CARR, McANA, SWPCA
* Re-membering!!! by Deema Dabis
* Earth hour, earth care by Elisa Pokral
* One way to move toward peace, healing in Iraq by Timothy Baer

March 8, 2009
News & Opinion
* 'Both wars are tragedies' by Linda Greene
* CIVITAS: A Rush to Judgment? by Gregory Travis
* One of a kind -- autistic and epileptic by Steven Higgs
* Annals of censorship by Kevin Howley
* A cinematic celebration of wilderness by Nick Bowersox
* Spring bulky item drop-off days by Elisa Pokral

February 22, 2009
News & Opinion
* Civilly disobeying for the climate by Linda Greene
* CIVITAS: Mountains to molehills by Gregory Travis
* Living with Asperger's by Steven Higgs
* Hardball politics in the Bush leagues by Kevin Howley
* Hoosiers ask Lugar, Bayh to support renewable standards Open letter
* What is really happening in Elkhart by Deneen Stout

February 8, 2009
News & Opinion
* Indiana flirts with coal catastrophe by Linda Greene
* CIVITAS: The system that isn't by Gregory Travis
* 'If you know one person with autism' by Steven Higgs
* MEDIAlternative: Burying the lead by Kevin Howley
* What may come of the tragedies? by Deema Dabis
* A valentine to the earth by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* BLUES & MORE: Seasoned veterans doin' it right! by George Fish

January 25, 2009
News & Opinion
* Teaching the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by David Stewart
* CIVITAS: True believers, Pragmatists and The Dark Knight by Gregory Travis
* Proceed with precaution, Barack by Steven Higgs
* Musgrave Orchard a taproot into the community by Jessica Goldberg
* MEDIAlternative: Gullible or Culpable? by Kevin Howley
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Measured hope for a new era by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* Sacrificing jobs, our health and the environment by Grant Smith
* Recycling cuts bad for economy by Carey Hamilton Arts & Culture
* BLUES & MORE: Hail, hail, rock 'n' roll! by George Fish

January 11, 2009
News & Opinion
* Grad student helps Pages help inmates by Kerri Richardson
* CIVITAS: Father and Keynes by Gregory Travis
* Hoosiers: Tax us for the environment! by Steven Higgs
* Reminiscence by James Alexander Thom
* Equal opportunity basketball? by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* MediAlternative: The Bush legacy: Painful and lasting by Kevin Howley
* Honor the dead, light a candle for the living by Deema Dabis
* Environmental justice for all: Waste management, human rights and the environment by Elisa Pokral

December 28, 2008
News & Opinion
* Local food supports community, environment by Amy Frye
* Indiana: Still toxic after all these years by Steven Higgs
* 100 words for 100 days by Kevin Howley
* The fire of resistance by Deema Dabis
* Capital punishment in Indiana by Linda Greene Arts & Culture
* Chess Records' story on the big screen by George Fish

December 14, 2008
News & Opinion
* Special-needs adult stays active in community by Lauren Gores
* CIVITAS: Shooting themselves in the foot by Gregory Travis
* On the trail -- belated introduction by Steven Higgs
* The age of impunity by Kevin Howley
* EFCA a fearful fix for some by Tom Szymanski
* Tips to reduce holiday waste by Elisa Pokral Arts & Culture
* Odetta: Clarion voice of freedom by George Fish

November 30, 2008
News & Opinion
* Living on food stamps a financial, psychological challenge by Audree Notoras
* Autism research 'ominous but inconclusive' by Steven Higgs
* Bullets to bubbles by Deema Dabis
* Red State Rebels a broad spectrum of voices by Ben Terrall Arts & Culture
* BLUES & MORE: Blues in two flavors by George Fish

November 16, 2008
News & Opinion
* Health care at another crossroads by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Expertly nonsense by Gregory Travis
* Sheathing the frigid digit by James Alexander Thom
* Letter to a young Obama Supporter by Kevin Howley
* Social service agencies see busy times ahead by Audree Notoras
* Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week by Audree Notoras
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: A few steps forward, a couple back by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* Songs of freedom by Deema Dabis
* Feasting in the olive groves by Deema Dabis
* Consensus policy statement on industrial scale livestock production
Arts & Culture
* BLUES & MORE: Solid acoustic blues (with a dash of electric as well) by George Fish

November 2, 2008
News & Opinion
* The ugliest Americans by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Districting distractions by Gregory Travis
* No Arabs Allowed!! by Deema Dabis
* A border passage by Deema Dabis
* America Recycles Day Nov. 15 by Elisa Pokral

October 19, 2008
News & Opinion
* Bigger jail or more prevention? by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Indiana's warehouse economy -- revisited by Gregory Travis
* 'The landlord is out to make a profit' by Audree Notoras
* 'Palin around' with terrorists by James Alexander Thom
* MEDIAlternative: Anger management by Kevin Howley
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Progress not pervasive by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer Arts & Culture
* BLUES AND MORE: FreeWorld: Powerful creativity out of Memphis by George Fish

October 5, 2008
News & Opinion
* In jail for no reason at all by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: A failure to own, in an ownership society by Gregory Travis
* Bear Stearns and other bare sterns by James Alexander Thom
* MEDIAlternative: Business as usual by Kevin Howley
* The insider's guide to the outdoors - Part 5 by Gnome de Plume Arts & Culture
* BLUES AND MORE: Two-fisted blueswomen by George Fish

September 21, 2008
News & Opinion
* Going to jail by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Reparations by Gregory Travis
* Community Gardens produce nutrition, savings by Audree Notoras
* Cleaning up the glass by Steven Higgs
* Nation inflation by James Alexander Thom
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: The choice is clear by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer

September 7, 2008
News & Opinion
* Glass is 'a very abrasive item' by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: The big lie by Gregory Travis
* The past is foreplay by James Alexander Thom
* MediAlternative: Annals of censorship by Kevin Howley
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Genetically testing the Olympics by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* STATE OF THE UNION: Labor goes global by Tom Szymanski

August 24, 2008 News & Opinion
* Shouting at the library by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: This is not America by Gregory Travis
* Glass recyclables go to Indianapolis by Steven Higgs
* George Orwell, George Ohwell by James Alexander Thom
* The propaganda model redux by Kevin Howley
* The insider's guide to the outdoors -- Part 4 by Gnome de Plume
* Build America so America works by John F. Penn Arts & Culture
* A sad blues train runnin' by George Fish

August 10, 2008
News & Opinion
* Recycling is an act of faith by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: The resolution of resolutions by Gregory Travis
* 'I'm not a risk to society' by Steven Higgs
* Where the sun don't shine by James Alexander Thom
* American Natives ignored by IU by Rebecca Riall
* The insider's guide to the outdoors -- Part 3 by Gnome de Plume Arts & Culture
* Rockin' Detroit blues by George Fish

July 27, 2008
News & Opinion
* 'Bloomington Recycles': fact or fiction? by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS: Last child in the woods by Gregory Travis
* 'The poor shall never cease to be' by Audree Notoras
* Bits-n-pieces by Kevin Howley
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Undermining our own unity by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* The insider's guide to the outdoors - Part 2 by Gnome de Plume Arts & Culture
* BLUES & MORE: Blues from three cities by George Fish

July 13, 2008
News & Opinion
* "THE OTHER BLOOMINGTON": 'A greater sense of compassion' by Emily Schlatter
* CIVITAS: Opportunities lost, what could have been by Gregory Travis
* Moyers on I-69, civil disobedience by Steven Higgs
* "THE OTHER BLOOMINGTON": Single mothering, paycheck-to-paycheck by Steven Higgs
* The insider's guide to the outdoors - Part 1 by Gnome de Plume
* Preliminary notes from No Man's Land by Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank

June 29, 2008
News & Opinion
* Arrogance, ignorance, resistance by Steven Higgs
* Economic pornography by Gregory Travis
* Summertime, and the care is affordable by Audree Notoras
* 'Equal access to nutritious food' by Jaclyn Baker
* 'Hey, what's going on?' by Elisabeth Squires
* Politicians get no respect; gov's race dead even by Steven Higgs
* Lower and lower by James Alexander Thom
* People, not statistics by Vid Beldavs
* Skating to the dark side on thin ice by Peter Montague
* How LCW failed the community by Chris Holly Arts & Culture
* Traveling gay in the Muslim world by Mal Hackleman
* BLUES AND MORE: Concert, CD honor Yank Rachell by George Fish

June 15, 2008
News & Opinion
* 'Don't go in the Lick Creek' by Steven Higgs
* Just don't ask by Emily Schlatter
* Bryan Park naturally by Mal Hackleman
* Cynical optimism by Steven Higgs
* Banking on fear by James Alexander Thom
* Fake news and high-caliber journalism by Kevin Howley
* OUT IN BLOOMINGTON: Campaigns, Pride and change by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
* R.I.P., Giants! by George Fish

* June 1, 2008
News & Opinion
* Hunger: the immeasurable need by Steven Higgs
* CIVITAS – The psychology of previous investment by Gregory Travis
* 'Engaging in the social structures' by Lauren Taylor
* Feeding the hungry for 25 years by Audree Notoras
* Nonprofits use creativity to attract crowds by Audree Notoras
* The other audience by James Alexander Thom
* Gay marriage advances, still under siege by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer * Arts & Culture
* Bleeding Heartland keeps up with derby trend by Jaclyn Baker
* Remembering the 'blues mandolin man,' Yank Rachell by George Fish