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The Bloomington Alternative is a biweekly journal of news and commentary published in Bloomington, Ind. It is a mission-driven publication whose goal is to promote and celebrate progressive social change and independent media in Bloomington. Specifically, we promote social, environmental, and economic justice; local arts; local business; and independent writers.

Access is free, but readers are asked to subscribe to help underwrite the costs associated with the Alternative's production.

Alternative staff:

Editor: Steven Higgs
Contributors: Gregory Travis, Kevin Howley, Linda Greene, Fran Quigley, Tom Szymanski, Helen Harrell, James Alexander Thom, Rob Stone,
Editorial cartoonists: Brian Garvey, Tom Tomorrow

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The Bloomington Alternative
P.O. Box 3523
Bloomington, IN 47402

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Bloomington Alternative
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Bloomington, IN 47402

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