Pin-the-tail...Love Factory

Pin-the-tail was launched in late October '06 and the first entry on my blog is titled "Powdered Wigs, Afros, Death Row...Judges." The entry generated a lot of interest among my personal friends, many of them musicians, but since then it is apparently a "fetching" blog...reaching a lot of readers!

Throughout the evolution of Pin-the-tail, people have reacted with reticence, raised eyebrows, furrowed brows, and words of warning, criticism, and even veiled threats about whether or not I should or shouldn't speak my mind. But an analysis of who peruses the blog (oh, yes, that can be done...) shows that it is indeed irresistable.

The first photo I uploaded to Pin-the-tail is a portrait of Valeri Haughton, who lost by a very small margin in the last election--- to her Republican opponent. I think that mainstream media (i.e. the H-T) played a big part in tilting the voters towards their "choice" or endorsed candidate: the status quo, the Establishment.

So, "Bravo" to the Bloomington Alternative for prevailing as a counterpoint to instruments of The Growth Machine and for it's mission as being one "committed to progressive social change and independent journalism!" I'm so happy to be a part of the BA's ongoing development, particularly these online features!

Last year, upon hearing Markos Moulitsas speak in person at Boxcar Books, I felt compelled to enter the blogosphere. Moulitsas' book, "Crashing the Gate" captures the spirit of "people-powered politics" and it's to that end that I am humbly, and some times mischievously, aspiring to participate in new ways of communicating.

But you know what really convinced me about all that Moulitsas had to say? He's a pianist. When I discovered some audio files of his playing, I felt I could waltz into the blogosphere with the similar sensibilities I have. And it's been so much fun, so very rewarding. There's a little gang of faithful readers who write comments, correspond with me, link to pin-the-tail, and even better--- we have had some projects launched through the internet (via guest blogging, etc.!)

I hope you'll visit!

Today's entry is titled "Comes in cans." Let me know if you know how exactly Love Factory relates to "Comes in Cans." The first person to answer---- gets a copy of "Crashing the Gate" compliments of County Councilwoman Travis.