Keys & Purse Strings

Who holds these things? In Monroe County Government, the County Council holds the purse strings. It could be said that the County Auditor holds the keys. The County Commissioners pick out much of the stuff that's in the bag.

Through a system of checks and balances it should mostly work out that the Council isn't too much of a stingy tightwad OR a spendthrift. The Auditor ought to know which key to use to drive the car...and the County Commissioners should manage the sundries and toiletries in the bag.

Many days the Council opens the bag to look for loose change and finds old linty Kleenexes, the kind your mom used to daub really hard onto your face, making the Council sneeze. Meanwhile, the Auditor is sorting around, sort of rummaging up every kind of key---- except the one you need...the Council, a body of not just one, or three, but SEVEN members, is left holding the bag with a kung-fu grip on the strings...

Pin-the-Tail has more on the subject of how some Council members see the current state of affairs in local County Gov. "The Key thing of it is_____," is today's entry.