Baron Hill Votes to Give Israel Green Light to Continue Committing Atrocities in Gaza

Am I the only one frustrated with Baron Hill? When are we going to mount an effective progressive challenge to him? Of course, he wasn't out of line with the rest of Congress in his vote on the Gaza resolution. Only the progressive shining hope, Dennis Kucinich, and a few others (Maxine Waters, Ron Pau,...) voted against the one-sided resolution that virtually encouraged Israel to escalate, which it did the very next day (I call that blood on Congress' hands).

I'm reminded of the way Congress handled FISA. Once they became aware that Bush had broken FISA law, they just changed the law. Well, Israel is clearly breaking US law, which requires that when we send weapons to another country, those weapons not be used to escalate. Whatever else Israel is doing in Gaza, it certainly is escalating the conflict. So what does Congress do? Does it call Israel to account? No, it simply signs off on Israel's escalation, proving yet again that we are increasingly not a nation of laws anymore, if we ever were.