March 31, 2012

To the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain," from the Wizard of Oz


If you want some news that's phony, politicized baloney,
Fox News will lead the way.
They'll mislead and deceive you,
Be careful or they'll leave you
With only half a brain.

Four U.S. cities to highlight economic injustice suffered by women
March 26, 2012

Poverty is increasing worldwide, but it doesn't affect everyone with the same intensity: it hits women and children hardest.

In response to dire poverty faced by women around the world, the People's Movement Assembly launched the World Courts of Women on Poverty, to be held this spring in four U.S. cities -- Oakland, Louisville, Detroit and Philadelphia.

March 24, 2012

While commemorating the six-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement at its birthplace in New York City's Zuccotti Park on March 17, dozens of occupiers endured beatings and arrests during a violent eviction by the New York Police Department.

Hundreds of OWS supporters celebrated the anniversary with an afternoon march around the Financial District in lower Manhattan, as observers and curious bystanders joined them in an attempted 24-hour reoccupation of Zuccotti Park.

After a day's worth of peaceful protesting, occupiers set up tents in the re-named Liberty Plaza around 10 p.m., according to a March 18 Waging Nonviolence article. Within about half an hour of the protesters settling into the park, more than a hundred NYPD officers and Brookfield Properties private security officers forcefully evicted them.

March 24, 2012

Trees have already started falling on some of the land at the heart of an I-69 ruling in Monroe Circuit Court last week.

Republican Monroe Circuit Judge Frances G. Hill on March 22 gave the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) what it asked for: a permanent injunction requiring seven local landowners to let INDOT contractors cut trees and otherwise damage their properties.

INDOT argued it needed to carry out hydraulic and other investigative work to apply for needed state and federal permits and finish designing a Monroe County stretch of I-69.

Green Party's Stein wins eight state contests; Chomsky endorses her candidacy
March 17, 2012

While Jill Stein and the Green Party build on their infrastructure and now have 2012 ballot access in 20 states, Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson is seeking a third way for his alternative-party bid -- direct nomination via the online Americans Elect process.

"Americans Elect provides a unique opportunity to third-party candidates," Anderson said in a March 14 news release. "It gives the American people the ability to select their choice for president without worrying about the corporate investors backing their campaign. Declared candidates of Americans Elect are selected based on their qualifications rather than the size of their campaign war chest."

ACI, NCS represent Big Pharma's interests, not the public's

March 17, 2012

In the United States today, one in two men and one in three women develop cancer. It's no exaggeration to say that we're in the midst of an epidemic. As of 2003, about 1.3 million people developed cancer each year, and 550,000 of them died of it.

In recent decades the number of Americans developing cancer has risen, while the ability to treat and cure most common cancers has remained pretty much the same.

National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest, by Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., (Bloomington, Ind.: Xlibris, 2011, 189 pp., paper, $19.99) is a blistering polemic against those two venerable institutions. The ACS and NCI do good work, but they have a seamy side that Epstein exposes in the book.

Nonviolent activists violently denied their rights at St. Louis gathering

March 17, 2012

St. Louis police authorities attacked and arrested a group of protesters on March 15 during the first day of the Occupy the Midwest regional conference. Police used batons, tasers and pepper spray in an unprovoked attack on the protesters as they were gathering their belongings and leaving the park.

Occupy the Midwest is a conference aiming to connect demonstrators around the country and to elevate the movement to the next level. Planned events include four marches, workshops, a general assembly and a march to the famous Gateway Arch on the Mississippi River, according to the conference’s website.

"Occupy the Midwest is an example of the escalation people are expecting," said protester Mike Hipson, 19, in a March 15 Columbia Daily Tribune article. "These groups are getting bigger and getting better organized."

March 16, 2012

Indiana AFL-CIO

As we all know, Governor Daniels and Republicans in control of the Statehouse pulled out all the stops to ram the overwhelmingly unpopular "right to work" bill down our throats in the last legislaitve session. They tried to block us from getting into the Statehouse, prevented us from testifying at committee hearings and made up statistics and stories to support their false claims.

Now, they've been caught in another lie.

This afternoon the Associated Press published this article, and it speaks for itself.

Company denies right-to-work reason for expansion

March 16, 2012

News Release
Bloomington Peace Action Coalition

BLOOMINGTON, IN – Three Bloomington peace groups are organizing a rally on the Courthouse Square to oppose any attack on Iran. On March 21, the ninth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, activists and citizens will gather on the Square at 5 p.m. to oppose another war, this time on Iran.

Rally organizer David Keppel, who led delegations nine years ago meeting Senator Lugar and his staff to oppose the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and this year to oppose an attack on Iran, says that public turnout is essential.

“Why is the U.S. Congress pushing the Obama administration toward another disastrous war?" he asked. "Congress needs to know that the public wants to rebuild America. We have learned the hard way that wars are easy to start; but they have tragic costs – in lives and money – and they rarely turn out as their planners expected.”

Author Hoerger discusses plots against Castro, Hampton, Rosenbergs

March 15, 2012

The CIA has made 638 attempts on Fidel Castro's life since the beginning of the Cuban revolution. One entailed poisoning a chocolate milkshake with a cyanide pellet.

The milkshake attempt on the Cuban leader's life is but one of the incidents that author Michael Hoerger reported in a presentation called "Edible Secrets: A Food Tour of Classified U.S. History" at Boxcar Books in Bloomington on March 7. The basis of the presentation is a book by the same name that Hoerger wrote with Mia Partlow (Bloomington, Ind.: Microcosm Press, 2010, 127 pp., $10, ).