James Alexander Thom

January 2, 2005

It's pathetic, listening to the pundits try to explain what happened in the 2004 election. Their excuses are allover the place, but most are saying the Democrats lost because they're not religious like Bush. (But, hey, Democrats worship Mammon, too.)

The truth is this: Bush won in 2004 the same way as in 2000: fraud and manipulation in the election process, this time aided by magic math from his cronies' e-vote machines. Bush remains a Bogus Potus.

June 6, 2004

In the spirit of George Orwell, let us try here to blow away some of the fogginess and distortion the Bush administration and the Pentagon have used to obfuscate the truth about the mess Bush has made of America, of the world, and of Iraq, in particular.

Let us start first with the phrase President Bush. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and hijacked Florida's electoral vote. To put it plainly, a prick got in office by electile dysfunction. Rather than President, he should be called BOGUS POTUS.

February 29, 2004

A powerful new drug, more harmful than pot, meth, cocaine, LSD and opium combined, is being peddled all over America, and exported to other countries. Its cost is in billions already, and soaring.

It is a hallucinogen, creating delusions of grandeur, invincibility and impunity, often with visions of shellbursts, oil gushers, toppling statuary, rippling flags, and jet planes landing on aircraft carriers.

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