November 2, 2002

Julie Roberts pierced the bulls eye when she declared this election season: "It's not about winning. It's how you play the game. It really is. It's about forcing debate about the real issues."

No matter what happens Tuesday, we played one helluva game this year.

October 20, 2002

Through the 20-some years I've written about and worked for Business Democrats, more than one has looked me in the eye and said, "What are environmentalists going to do? Vote Republican?" They haven't needed enviros since Evan Bayh was elected governor in 1988. They've taken them for granted ever since.

October 13, 2002

Andy Ruff hit a nerve over at the H-T editorial board when he accused them of bias in the I-69 survey they published last Sunday. In an editorial last Wednesday, the editors responded with righteousness indignation, arguing that their poll was the penultimate act of professionalism, an honest attempt to represent the views of "everyman" on an issue of public importance.

October 6, 2002

Mr. Maloney:I read in the paper last week that you have assumed the title of Herald-Times publisher. I read in your column your pledge to be accurate, complete, thorough, fair, balanced, original and creative, or at least to strive to achieve those noble journalistic goals. I would urge you to add civic to the list.

September 29, 2002

Watching Chris Gaal, Al Gore and Mark Stoops these past few weeks has me contemplating questions I recall first broaching 30 years ago when I was an IU senior studying political science in Woodburn Hall, questions of how and why power corrupts principle?

September 22, 2002

Judging from their first volley in this fall's election, Bloomington's business-knows-best bunch has learned absolutely nothing from the burgeoning citizen movement that now threatens their hold on power, at least at the county level.

September 15, 2002

Those who were listening closely on Sept. 11 detected the faint murmur from what progressive thinker Tom Hayden calls the "prophetic minority," the small group of Americans who recognize the ultimate futility of the Bush administration's "open-ended, blank-check, undefined war on terrorism."

September 8, 2002

The first week in September is traditionally the time when America's power structure pays lip service to the American worker, lavishing praise and gratitude upon those whose backs serve as the foundation of our extravagant lifestyles. And so it was last week on Labor Day 2002.

September 1, 2002

Sometimes, being an American is just too embarrassing to contemplate. Times like these, for instance, when our elected leaders in Washington, acting on our behalf, are arrogantly snubbing the rest of the world on critical 21st Century questions of environmental degradation and global poverty.

August 18, 2002

Reading last Tuesday's Herald-Times article "Prosecutors seek public's help to solve local arsons" alternately reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld and former Mayor Tomi Allison.

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