The Indiana Department of Transportation responded to The Bloomington Alternative's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents on the state's I-69 consultant with what appears to be a partial response.

In an Aug. 12 FOIA sent to INDOT's chief legal counsel, the Alternative requested the following information:

1/ Copies of all INDOT documents listing annual INDOT expenditures on consultants for the last five fiscal years.

2/ Copies of all INDOT contracts with Bernardin, Lochmueller & Associates signed during the last five years (including all amendments and addenda to such contracts).

3/ Copies of all correspondence, invoices and all other public records dated since 1990 relating to services performed for INDOT by Bernardin, Lochmueller & Associates, Inc. in connection with the Interstate-69 Project.

The purpose was to learn how much business Bernardin Lochmueller has received from INDOT over a period in which its principles contributed more than $130,000 in campaign contributions to Gov. Frank O'Bannon, Lt. Gov. Joe Kernan, Secretary of State candidate John Fernandez and the state Democratic Party.

On Sept. 26, INDOT responded with the following information:

  • Documentation showing that the agency spent the following on consultants:
    1998 -- $42.2 million
    1999 -- $53 million
    2000 -- $70.1
    2001 -- $81.8 million

  • A copy of the Bernardin Lochmueller's Nov. 19, 1999, contract for the I-69 environmental impact statement and two supplemental agreements, totaling $9.2 million.
  • INDOT referred the Alternative to the state Auditor's office, where it says such records are kept.

    INDOT's response suggests that the $9.2 million I-69 contract is the only work the Evansville-based consulting firm has received over the past five years. The Alternative will seek clarification this week.