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by Tom Szymanski
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by Gregory Travis
by Kevin Howley
James Alexander Thom
by Helen Harrell with Carol Fischer
Editorial cartoons by Brian Garvey

"Alternative Conversations" is a multimedia project at The Bloomington Alternative through which we share the views of the remarkable, visionary, creative and otherwise noteworthy progressive souls we come in contact with.

By multimedia, we mean telling their stories, in-depth, through the written word, photographs and videos.

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· New York City Photo Studies – 07.01-05.08 – by Steven Higgs
· I-69 March – 06.21.08 – by Steven Higgs
· Martinsville Flood Damage – 06.21.08 – by Steven Higgs
· Leonard Springs Park – 05.20.08 – by Steven Higgs
· I-69 March - 04.19.08 – by Steven Higgs
· Destruction Begins - 04.01.08 – by Steven Higgs


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· INDIANA ENVIRONMENT REVISITED -- Concentrated Animal Feeding
· CONVERSATIONS: Steve Bonney, Independent for Governor
· CONVERSATIONS: McGibbon and The African Tempest Project
· Stop Attacking the Forests, Mitch

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· Brian Garvey
· Tom Tomorrow
· Keith Knight
· Paul Kane