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Indianapolis' alternative newsweekly

Common Sense
A joint student and faculty publication at the University of Notre Dame formed when the student paper refused to run articles supporting progressive causes.

Co-edited by Jeffrey St. Clair, former Brown County forest activist

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NEWS | Environment

1. Plundering fish and wildlife
October 22, 2006

2. Bioneers: alive, relative
October 7, 2006

3. Local events for a global conference
October 7, 2006

4. The remaking of Cataract Canyon: Day two
September 23, 2006

5. Making it easy to be computer green
September 10, 2006

6. The remaking of Cataract Canyon
September 10, 2006

7. Ecological systems design
August 13, 2006

8. Trying to make sense of CAFOs
July 30, 2006

9. A dangerous game of ‘Choices’
July 30, 2006

10. Woodland security
July 16, 2006

11. Opening the door for GE fruit trees
July 16, 2006

12. Biofuels are a quick fix
July 16, 2006

13. How to spot a snake oil salesman
July 16, 2006

14. Biofuels are no quick fix
July 2, 2006

15. Governor’s plan smells like pork
July 2, 2006

16. Preserving quality of place
June 18, 2006

17. Who’s managing our food system?
June 18, 2006

18. Hoosier Environmental Council honors environmental heroes
June 18, 2006

19. Moving mountains, into streams
June 4, 2006

20. Al Gore the environmental titan?
June 4, 2006

21. Charting a sustainable future
May 21, 2006

22. CIVITAS: Tiger time
May 21, 2006

23. Paying them in pennies, sending them a message
May 21, 2006

24. The greening of city government
May 21, 2006

25. Hoosier National Forest logging overturned by regional forester
May 7, 2006

26. ‘Some minimal degree of trust'
April 23, 2006

27. Ruckelshaus on DDT, climate change, etc.
April 23, 2006

28. A fat lip with your milk mustache
April 23, 2006

29. Vanderburgh County under toxic assault
April 23, 2006

30. Global warming impacts Indiana, Great Lakes region
February 26, 2006

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October 25, 2006

Shine on
Editorial cartoon
by Brian Garvey

This Modern World
Editorial cartoon
by Tom Tomorrow

A giant pussycat twosome
Rate downtown sighting of rare sighting of two black cats rattles local personalities.
by Lori Canada

Order the 'elaborate' at Neannie's Cafe
Homemade soups, gelatos and 'elaborate' sandwiches tantalize at this near-west-side cafe.
by Elizabeth Dilts

Standouts by Caitlin Brase
Oct. 11-25
Caitlin's picks of events not to miss.

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    The Alternative Table
    Reflections on another year at the market
    Farmers Market vendors say gas prices pinched their profits, and the USDA's definition of organic borders on irrelevance.

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