June 29, 2003


Last week, the members of Amnesty International's local chapter, Group 317, sat down at a North-side Indianapolis church for their monthly meeting. The agenda included planning action they could take to put pressure on a rogue country engaged in a frightening assault on human rights:

  • Ominously, this government is making plans for a courtroom and an execution chamber at the military base where these prisoners are being held. "We're getting ready so we won't be starting from scratch," says the Army general overseeing the plans.
April 13, 2003

WEST LAFAYETTE -- Calling the Bush Administration's invasion of Iraq "the most reckless, the most dangerous act of a U.S. president in the last 50 years," noted political analyst Phyllis Bennis presented a thorough analysis of the root causes as well as the victims of Gulf War II during a campus teach-in at Purdue University on April 7.

April 13, 2003


There's a ritual scene in many westerns of the 50s. A drunken gunslinger picks out a frail bar patron, bullies him into the street and barks, "Dance". When the befuddled man doesn't respond immediately, the smirking gunslinger fires his six-shooter at the feet of the unlucky dupe until he is forced to dance a sadistic jig. The nervy townsfolk clap to the beat of the bullets. They'd better.

October 6, 2002

Democratic Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh stands shoulder-to-shoulder with President George W. Bush in his rush to war, literally, while Republican Sen. Richard Lugar continues to hold out for a more reasoned approach.

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